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If people start looking at Rob Lowe, and see, rob Pelinka. If you're wondering why we're talking about rob Paul Anka's because in a gangster move the sports agent who used to be trafficking and only sports agent circles parlayed that into becoming a powerful force for the Lakers, and now all over television. All you see is the spinning headlines of magic accuses Pelinka of backstabbing. And so now I think backstabbing word association polenta, and it's hard to do your job. It's, it's Chris. Got somebody else, you think of when you think of the phrase backstabbing, I know I'm being moment. I don't have an a better one, but I feel like we probably could do better. Well, we could. Whatever happened with Julius Caesar, and Brutus probably, or the man sitting to your left, backstabbing is the quote that got everyone's attention and rob Pelinka can now be said officially. It's being set officially by PIN. He's officially backstabber. Right. We could say that if magic set at then it. So what is rob? Pelinka's counter-move might because Magic Johnson came out today and sort of neutered, our -bility to criticize him by saying, yeah, look wasn't working that hard here. I'll give you that I wasn't working that hard. They agreed to terms with me and I told them I'm not going to be working that hard. I've got other businesses, I need to be making money. So now that he's taken the sting out of that away. They agreed to that. What are they going to counter with, because I don't think the Lakers, you can't take out as many people as magic took out today and not have countermeasure leaked from somewhere, who's gonna leak the other stuff that Magic Johnson might have on the resume that he's not copping boss move from magic because. Pelinka can't really say anything publicly now other than being classy about it. Because what remove all doubt that you're, what is you gotta do leak more things about Magic Johnson? And you also have to be careful with who in the media, you leak too, because a lot of that could probably just by using common sense, be traced back to rob Pelinka. So I'm not really sure what the pivot here is there a pivot, maybe it's just class. Does Pelinka just have to eat it? Well, Pelinka got that job in large part because he was Kobe's agent. So do you bring Kobi into the full who's more popular month, Laker fans and the buses is it Kobe Bryant or Magic Johnson because of on Pelinka I start thinking about how can utilize Kobe Bryant to win back, so that your pivot, if you're pulling, you're pulling you give some of this power that you just stole for Magic Johnson overdue another player who's a Laker legend and is gonna cut your head off in the street. If he doesn't have the power he actually has agreed to because he. Won't be as polite about it as magic Coby Coby Bryant. We'll throw Pelinka's head into the Pacific Ocean. We've got his right though in that Pelinka. Definitely texted Toby today, I need some good PR. Can we go to dinner tonight where the paparazzi OB I need to be seen out with you? Oh, so can the pivot Palanca telling Kobe Bryant? Can you make public comments that support me, please? Yeah. That's not a bad, pivot. It's a great, pivot. I mean if somehow we can convince Kobe to say bad, things about magic that is back. That quickly that is his wheelhouse the snake game. Seriously plank that one's got hurt on plank. Welcome to the GM job. Welcome to the height of sports. Magic is lived there for a long time. You just got dragged and smeared by charming face who has dappled up everyone in the New York office, tweeting out everything up. Magic magic as he reminded you during the unleashing on I take I have a lot of friends and a lot of friends are in the media, and a lot of friends protected. Magic Johnson from the what was obvious to many in the organization that he wasn't around a lot. I it is kind of bizarre. The Magic Johnson is, is going to the media with this. But Magic Johnson went on I take and executed this plan. Brilliantly in a way that now no one can trust. Rob pulling because backstabbers associated with the thing that he said that neuters, if you're just being fair logically, as Jeannie agreed that I would come to this job. That is less money than what I make. I'm here to help the Lakers. I'm gonna bring my. Face my credibility, and LeBron James. I'm going to bring my face my credibility, and LeBron James and you guys kind of do the work you guys do that stuff. And I'll oversee it. I want the power and the work. I've done for the power. I'm not doing that work. Now I've been doing that work for thirty years. Why the hell would I have to work that hard anymore? I've got success everywhere other than caring about the Lakers, the way magic says he cares about the Lakers. But to your point. Yes. Why would magic one? At this point in his life would Magic Johnson, be hungry and ambitious about being at the end. I'm going to work, twenty hours a day to make sure that the Lakers are better in a salary cap sport where my only advantage is our work a work where we play I can't actually throw money at anybody. He just wanted to be the magic man. Hey, magic charge of the Lakers, but I'm not really in charge of the Lakers. Lebron James is coming. That'd be. That is what he wanted to be enough, really. Absolutely. See where rob Pelinka's resentful of that, as you go as Magic Johnson goes on national television. I was there to drop link general manager while not being there. You get like magic Pelinka coming at magic. You can't match fire with fire the only way to do it with Kobe. That's fire fire with Kobe. I take tomorrow. That's the way if you have any relationship with LeBron you, if you have any relationship with him, and LeBron is actually mad at magic LeBron needs to say out of this. You guys think Kobe's going to enter the fray Kobe Bryant is publicly going to pick a side, always in the fray. Pulling the strings. This is the best of that ten lebatardshow with stugatz for more from dance to in the shipping container. Tune in weekdays starting at ten AM eastern. And WinCo ends an eleven year. Run that has come.

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