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These won't is something are troy to fall back to the absolute far reaches of my mind. One of the few ninety minutes that he plays he's a three one victory over Liverpool at James's park as the game where Unday Carol. Beast Newcastle and US already having a particularly good season as it was. But this game is more notorious to produce the iconic Gif of Russian rubbing his face and it was coined of damage of the time as it were an summing up everything that was going wrong. Liberal history if you want to carry on about things that went wrong is probably a large part not game that influence livable to spend. I, million on Aunty. Yeah. Absolutely. No doubt about that guy joking you saw none of us are here for Sol Campbell Newcastle what we're here for everything that we talked about at the top of the podcast, we hateful Sol Campbell arsenal but why not this foolishness arsenal because nine or ten you went there for a very brief periods so much like a farewell tour and it's just a case of like just make sure you don't go lock immediate ball going to Newcastle next year. Yeah, it is. Especially when you consider the circumstances in which he ends up, having moved to ask them in the first place because odd season, he has a cheeky game for Notts county spend the manageable insurance he was involved I think a manager. Had A football he had a row and so Campbell said was being involved that encouraged him to go sign. But I've heard about you know rising checks you called cash but I don't really know what these people were thinking about two months. When people you know look at it, their bank ballot at the end of the moment for their paycheck and not. I. We didn't tell you on indeed we have a toy store. These are this staff it said follow. So so Campbell goes plays one game I. Think they lost and I think he played well, and then he's like training because Vangere says, yeah coming US off sympathies hold up and ends up playing in the team and also making a bit of a contribution to be fair scores. Champions League last sixteen game grades also, that's not bad sitting. Basically you start to see some not carry your ass Hannity. Just, as a favor and then you five is also team and then he decides. Arsenal they WANNA give him a new deal or something goes. Celtic which almost reflexively go to Seltzer. Can you imagine though you've got that sort of runner form toward the end of the season and Arsenal if you look at the Games, they played maybe one game Old Trafford or staffer bridge or something throw it in. You could sort of throwing up as evidence to you know on my ass handed to me NAS car PA played Milwaukee. So that's boys gone to Newcastle thinking he's still on that level when he's just not didn't quite work out for many times of Newcastle period we touch on project showed him the door Chris inside that season's mansion I. Remember there was a Almighty fuss when no socks this is a bit harsh but really didn't apply very much for kind of. Thing. But yeah. That was kind of like last. Harare to be honest I. Don't particularly remember it apart from looking back research. I've seen those half shells they were saying, maybe call it World Cup squad in twenty hundred fully enough who is probably better off not been involved in. All of..

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