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Subject myself to a little bit more stringent background check in regulation to ensure that you know firearms don't get enhance kiss sure to criminals will still find a way around these gun laws absolutely i know they will that's their job but the thing is if i'm i'm willing to make a small sacrifice you know what i consider a small sacrifices save another child in fine i'm willing to do that but the thing is when whenever we talk about gun laws and whenever we talk about you know stopping mass shootings the first thing that some typically a white person brings up is well what about chicago i'm like the first and the first thing that comes back out of my mouth is you don't really give shit about chicago police ws chicago as as your blanket statement you know give a damn about chicago and fact crime in chicago has been decreasing has been on a decline for a number of years now number one you don't give a shit about cargo and if you did you would have actually found those stop the violence silence organizations and those people who are in the community actually doing the work every single day to stop some of the gang violence you don't give a shit about chicago stop pretending to care about chicago when it's convenient i say the same thing about people use them veterans as of as a political football for example when people were like kneeling for the flag is disrespectful veterans i said no the fucking va is distracted entrants the entire mental health system within the military and the va is disrespectful to fucking veterans you wanna know was really disrespectful to fucking veterans these women in in in uniform who are often subjected to sexual assault and rape and whose lives are sometimes ruined by the fact that they are treated as though they're not the victim but the perpetrator oh it's a big deal it's a major thing that's a mess the world it's a well it's kind of a well kept secret i mean a couple of people have come out and talked about the sexual assault the rampant sexual assault in the military but that should happens a lot.

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