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Joining us on the KOMO, news line is KOMO, Keith Eldridge who is down at the silicon ferry dog, now, this is kind of where the responders. Are basing themselves took it out to catch on, island where, the fire from that crash is still burning what can you tell us Keith Yeah so they've got a command post here and this. Is where the ferry can take. People to understand this point it's only going to go. To Anderson island that people are not going to be. Allowed except. For emergency, responders investigators or the. The I and TSP FAA and homeland security. Are all eager to to get out to the crash scene to see what they can find out they're also. They're going to be checking twenty. Nine year old, ground service agents home we understand he's from Pierce county maybe first name of rich that's what the air traffic controller was. Using the name with with him so they know who. He is just trying to figure out what on earth was doing the people here it's still comes Annalong Puget Sound here chambers bay you know then I stopped course it was the US open three years ago they are all looking out at this unusual sight of this turboprop with horizon. Airlines doing a loop de loops it dangerously close to the water they thought I it was a stunt show and then they realized they were two. F. fifteens other scrambled out? Of Portland Air National Guard that had come out to intercept and keep that plane away from populated areas and apparently they did their job by keeping it away we don't know why the young man decided to do what he did and we don't know why it. Crashed the best guard says they did not shoot down the plane crashed on its. Own they tried to electorate to, several of the airports here. That's coming arrows airport is really close and of course the court field. Air force base is right here. With a huge runway that could handle any kind of. Aircraft like that but instead the plane crash fortunately catch. One island. Is sparsely, populated they don't believe. Anybody on the ground was hurt and also. Fortunately nobody on board that that q four hundred turboprop with the the twenty nine year old man on board. Just him doing what he was. Doing we have, no idea why he was doing it at the investigation is just now really beginning at Ernest Beaux Both at TAC tried to figure out. How on earth he got a hold of that aircraft was able to taxi out and takeoff also gonna be. Taking his home which we believe is here in Pierce county and of course the. Question itself live is still look I'm Keith Eldridge KOMO news Keith we're looking at pictures of. That crash scene, on Caltrans island in a very heavily forested area still spots that are burning in this we're going on coming up on. What ten hours to ten, hours later since the crash site what. Kind of a fire response has been down there. At the still a compared doc because we were hearing that the response was delayed because everyone had to all the fire units had to get on the ferry. Just to get to the island and put it out right so they fire is the one that's handling that You're right it's a very difficult challenging situation they do have fireboats that can help them, out? But when you have a fire on these islands Larry's not as far as we know pre staged fire equipment. There so they had to to get on board and get over, there fortunately nothing was on fire like buildings or homes or anything like that, it was a forested, area as you can see on air four but it was a challenge to get, over there, and with, the fire burning it's all. That fuel though the the. Jet fuel that used, with turboprops that was all, on the ground catching fire the trees shrubs and everything over. There it was a real. Challenge and, as you say it's still going on, now but they don't believe there's any homes or people in danger so that's the good news all right Keith Eldridge. At the silicon ferry dock we continue to follow this story a twenty nine year old man from Pierce. County has. Allegedly stolen a turboprop horizon air. Turboprop went on a joyride last night is as. Some officials have described it ultimately crashing on catch Tron island we, will continue to keep you updated throughout the. Morning thank you Jeff off course you're on KOMO radio AM one thousand FM ninety seven seventy call multi before and. Again with video of this flight if you want to have a look by all means go. To our website at komonews dot com our time right now is. Nine, forty sports right now Seattle Mariners beating Houston in the first game. Of a series five two to the final Seattle gets that winner, both added again today at about four tenths Seattle time and Sounders newly-acquired left-back, Brad Smith he could, get a start tomorrow as a Western Conference leading FC Dallas team says his paper, works arrived, sooner so, pronto to get him on. The field and play next. To the Seahawks will, be in San Diego after, the lost the colts this week and of course we got. Some injuries from those game. That game, offensive linemen Isaiah battle with knee sprain, a team single not too severe and she Marco Jones has an ankle sprain we have sports for you at ten. And forty past the hour here on your home of the huskies KOMO news a yoga instructor can't cash Will Friday be every day I could. Wear denim for. Day shop deals on tenant from Arizona and a and Saint John's bay low rise high. Rise.

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