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In leading. We were onset getting ready. Doing halftime of the byu utah game. Get ready to do that. We're we're getting ready for college. Football final in our producer in our ear. And he's like you guys are never going to be what happened. We had the tv on joey. Jesse and the tv's in the monitors and he says to us this executive says to us or watch the replay. He says jacksonville state. Just beat florida state on a hail. Mary and so. We're already entertained by her. Watch the replay. I've never seen gallo at this time of night. Be so animated in my life when he said that wasn't the last player like what are you talking about it. Because that wasn't a hail. Mary was well no no. It wasn't a hail mary. He could not believe that in fact it wasn't it was a normal play with florida state man to man coverage in the final. Play the game getting beat and not being able to tackle a receiver from jacksonville state to end a game. No you're right and by the way couple years ago jack state almost beat. Fsu and they. I think they lost it on last split-second kick or something and you know jacksonville. State has got a good football reputation. But i'm not building up. I'm just saying that you cannot take any and it's one thing not to take a school like that seriously at the beginning of the game. But you're down to the final play. Maybe show some intensity as it looked like flag football. Yeah let me just reach out and you get within three inches guy. But they deserve to lose and it's just one more black mark against The acc and we. I just monday afternoon on our show. At all i heard from. Fsu fans man. The spirit of bobby. Don't watch out for us clemson better. Yeah no no. None of us need to watch out for you anymore. Yeah if you peel that back. A little deeper. I thought just pure effort wise. What florida state deal with. Notre dame was great. Look good for them but if you started peeling back some of the layers of decisions that were made in that game and you really really really paid attention new questioned mike norville going for fourth down so early in that game which ended up being the difference. You questioned him doing that. review that ended up icing his own kicker who ended up missing the field goal that ended up being the difference and so while there is a positive body of work to go off of. You saw decisions in gaming. It's notre dame moore. Bell made you take pause and then all of the seed season sudden. You see what happened. Last night i was. I was trying to the last time we team. That was such a feel good story waking up on sunday morning. And you're like you know what this is worse than we actually thought there are. There are a lot of major upsets in in college football history. Where the next week. The team blows it but they usually don't blow it to jacksonville state so that another black guy for the acc. When you had an opportunity to to to make that palate taste a little better. After week one pin goes into your alma mater. Tennessean gets a win a four hour game. It was fun to watch it with no tainting to watch. I don't think there's any argument that ended. Hooker needs to be the quarterback at tennessee. Moving forward and i saw joe milton. Look joe milk to create a player. If i was going to create an athlete on a video game. I'd make him look like joe milton. He just can't connect with wide receiver. He overthrows just about everybody. Yeah that was as you look not to spend much more time this season on tennessee but it but as you look at their schedule This was the most important game On the schedule because it was really the only way they get to being eligible Because they're not going to be. Florida georgia alabama. Just go right down. The list of of of kentucky probably So so this was their mom and they let it get away in a game. They should want and honored. Johnny majors and johnny majors won national championship at pitt and he got fired at tennessee. Figure that one out for yourself. Yeah it was one of those big. It was a. It was a weeks later games. And we had to find one or two that would entertain us and that was one of them in one of those teams in the in the. Acc that keep an eye on because they've got a really good nfl quarterback and pick it. Seems like he's been there for a decade. But we're we're trying to get the point of the season. Paul through two weeks Trying to find a team here in a team there who can make things difficult for one of these ranks teams. I dunno kit it. Maybe i thought. Nc state was going to be it and then they go to starkville and just get their teeth kicked in that has to be one of the most disappointing losses on the board. Because that's a team that the acc acolytes were trying to make all of us believe was was legit and they you know they. They got run by team that that needed a field goal the previous week to be what it was that louisiana. One of louisiana's louisiana tech. I'm sorry there's so many down there So i really gave him. Mississippi state life which You know they have lsu coming in two weeks. So they're they're they're they're playing but then you know nc state. You can't take them too seriously anymore. And again i genuinely feel badly for jim phillips a new commissioner of the acc has to be wondering what he got himself into. When you look at. And i'm not going to get into miami. They were celebrating beating appalachian state like they had just done. Something is that gourmets on the most frustrating teams in america. I just cannot figure. Out how the state of florida if you really want to dive down this rabbit hole and i guess we will since we've already started looking at the premier programs in the state of florida miami with what they've got going on florida's state those two teams look at the state of the state of those programs and poets. It sat with florida state. Miami miami once again we bought into false streams with them and they just. I don't think it's a disastrous program. I think there certainly ahead of wherever she was right now but it is a sad state and florida. Now's is another story that is about to become center because the gators are you telling me Hosting the biggest game of the weekend such a good segue because we do get to that with florida. They got out of their game yesterday. They go and now. It's florida alabama week. Alabama took care of mercer forty eight to fourteen barring health issues. Dan mullen has a very interesting decision to make a quarterback because based on what we saw from anthony richardson. Yesterday he came up. He was limited a little bit. After that touchdown run for the kid was three of three hundred fifty yards two touchdowns throwing four carries hundred fifteen yards and a touchdown rushing paul. It's no secret kids from gainesville. It's a good story. The offense just moves better with anthony. Richardson and now. I think john mullin has to make a decision. Not only for this week against alabama but going forward for the rest of the series with the sec east. Yeah and everything. I'm telling you now is courtesy of tim. Tebow because of hurt him now two straight weeks in meetings talk about anthony. Richardson just think of tim. Tebow and in two thousand and six as the understudy. Chris league who helped win a national championship coming in situationally and tibo has been raving about him. But at this point you're right Does dan mullen make the call and put him in. This called her. And against against alabama. The one thing i will say about alabama and i don't know the injury situation. They lost key player last week anderson. They're all world player got banged up and he is questionable. That's a big deal. I mean he is. He's the best player on their defense. Which is saying something. And i i know the story in alabama has been saving going off and everyone is was complimenting..

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