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Give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the word partly sunny skies at eight o'clock on this Monday July twenty ninth a mall and saying here's what's happening tonight hearing hearing about the thirty year old bike rider becoming the eighteen Viking metallic in our city after an incident today in sunset park this coming as a city races to install more safeguards which residents say can happen on moment to still we had a gruesome car versus pedestrian on Long Island today to people's drug one of them drag for about a mile police say the driver even realize what happened police are saying that shooting at a gathering in Brownsville over the weekend involved people who had ties to gang activity here in the area that invite on call a gang related shooting but cops say the guy who died was certainly no stranger to it and the world's smartest dog border collie known for recognizing more than a thousand now passed away recently he left a legacy and a better understanding of canine accu weather tonight warm and sticky were dropping down to a low of seventy six degrees and in sports bodies slur another trade for this this time is Jason Vargas on the move that's off until tomorrow when they visit the white Sox Yankees returned home from our to play the Diamondbacks I'm Jeff called injured Bloomberg stock started the week with a mix section the crude oil futures closed higher today when's news time eight old one on this Monday night trucks traffic center expanded traffic and transit for the commute good evening to Rebecca Massaro good evening Larry what we're.

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