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Yeah just go with rocks out on a rock and then pick out the Maryland that was that raw or and Ross creamy and delicious. So healthy for you too when you're right. Yeah it's exactly what you're craving so when you had that stashed in your cash a must a lot of pressure must have been relieved right. Oh yeah felt like a just a demon lifted off my back. It's just like you know the whole time you're gonNA START YOU'RE GONNA START. You'RE GONNA start trying to fight this thing off and then man we have when you shot that and it. It was like three hours. I tracked it and I had lost. It's lost its blood trail and I lost its foot trails because it was like hard ground and I'll just like no I cannot lose this Moose and then But I was like well I hit it in the lung. I'm sure so. I think it's GonNa stay downhill so I just followed the shoreline. Sure enough. I came up on it but it was like sitting there alert in alive alive and I was just like who ducked down has debating can sneak in and try to get another shot but no way and it's like so. I just waited it out and it was a long three hours where I would just be like sitting there and it would stand up and you're just like no no no then it would fall down and yes and drag it out but when it finally died yeah walked over there and I yeah talk about weight. Lifted off your shoulders people you hard time for that for the way. I got good Internet hate but honestly it's people I can understand it like it. Sounds good like why you finish it off with an Arrow could run away. Of course they get around. You GotTa let it become and just like go away. How close were you when you saw it standing up? How many fifty yards. So you really don't want to send fifty. Yeah Y'all you're GONNA do is poke it and then it's GonNa know it's being attacked and get up and run away Brian. I understand that people that were mad. Just having bow hunted so fair enough and also its survival its risks. Yeah that's crazy situation man. Yeah it was the anticipation. Not that's even more crazy right like you hit it but it's still alive and then you to you hoping I've lost. I don't know if you've ever done that where I've hit a deer. You know you wait forty five minutes and then you go out there and then you see it stand up in front of you and run on and at that point. It's almost impossible to find because it's already bled out mostly and and lost and they can run for miles. It's crazy Their their bill for survival. Get away from wall. It's amazing what they can do to him so that was in my mind for sure. Do you have the antlers? Unfortunately no maybe somebody in Canada's listening to this I was. I was flying out on the airplane. And The lady wouldn't let me bring him on the plane because I had them like improperly wrapped I guess and then plane was just about to leave from Northwest Territories and she just lied to set it in front of the airport The Super Bummer. Couldn't I didn't have any of the local number like hey could you come grab this? That would be something you'd want on your wall us. Yeah absolutely no. It was like a young moves which great eating huge but was the first one was a monster. The first one was a monster. And what I was having have you seen Moose up-close dot shot one. Young one yeah but it's hard like cool and the young one that I saw was like a forty nine hundred pounds. Yeah that's about what I got three points on it but yeah the such cool animals either so big with my friend Ben. O'brien and he shot one. That was huge. Walking across the road walked crosses dirt road It looked like a dinosaur what I thought look real even the one I missed like I can't even say I was upset because I was just like that was so awesome. That was really like you don't realize how big they are so you're in their presence. Yeah Yeah I guess that's probably like all animals that are enormous in Africa right. See Him at the zoo and then not impressive for some reason. Yeah they don't have. They're like wild energy in the forest like they are so yeah. Look at the map as let's go check out. Those mother fuckers interesting. No it's not like you go turn a bend you know. Go around a corner. And you like see one Out there living wild indescribable just seeing something stumble into 'em any kind of animal. That's a wild and you realize how this thing species has been existing for hundreds of thousands of years. Just how when we were doing that project trying to get guys to stop drinking out in Siberia. We had like a little hunting cabin. We were based at and I woke up one morning and we had a stupid dog barked at everything and I just hear the reverend. It's like. Oh it's probably squirrel site got up and I didn't get up. I let it bark and then my buddy got up like an hour later and went out to brush his teeth and came running back. And he's like this out there so I went off jumped up looked out bear had killed a moose like less than one hundred to watch the whole thing if. I want to just woke up right away but it came. Kill the Moose right next door cabin when we came out it sauce and took off running and we like. Oh man so we walked over there like Jesus whole warm mood still here so we cut it up holly back door from the from the air combat. Oh yeah three days later. We were in the in shelter and sure enough. That one dog just came running in and hid under the bed out there barking. I remember it's a grabbed has chaos and go out there and it felt like like have you seen the ghost and the darkness is reminded me of because it's like all this tall brush and you just hear like you know the dogs barking over here and Amanda bears over here and then over here you hear know is over here and then all of a sudden we're kind of in this tall brush.

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