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In the opportunity is that being an environment where you're working with students who have extraordinary expectations for their selves in in both of those areas. I'm an advocate for believing that excellent academics excellent athletics. So having hand, and I certainly I I've been at institutions with extraordinarily high academic standards. So I'm excited to be in that environment. And and looking forward to to all the communities come with that how much do you hate Denver university? Yeah. You're very quickly about the rivalry. And then I was obviously tracking keenly on the hockey scores this weekend. I saw one game had been found. But absolutely quickly and ready and already adopting that rivalry. And I love actually that's unique rivalry Astros. The appreciate it. I think it's such a special thing that can provide great opportunities. So yeah, go Tigers be honest with us was that a question that was brought up in the interview. Like how how am I as a prerequisite for being hired here? We need you to tell us how much you dislike Denver university. Was that was that? That come up. What what I will say is that I was prompted on several occasions to talk about how competitive I am. And and how you know that, you know, just a choosing to do this reliving and getting to come to work, and if your heart doesn't beat faster, and, you know, your blood pump faster around these types of things, you know. That's what's great about working enough letting so yeah, I'll via. Yeah. Looking looking forward to that very good wisely Irvine joining us, she's the new VP and director of athletics at Colorado college. So give us the I'll ask you the presidential question. First one hundred days on the job for you. Like, you have some time, obviously because you don't take the post till June first. But have you started to kind of see what you would like to maybe accomplish in your first few days at Colorado college. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, I've gone through. This will be my second could've athletic director position. And so learned a lot through my first transition, but I think what's critical is just getting out and about and meeting with all the people with vested interest in what we're doing and listening in and learning a lot and starting to build relationships quickly. So I'll be doing that, you know, effective immediately in terms of starting to outreach, and I already, you know, we went through the process. I I got a.

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