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Call and see what the hell not doing. Let's go. There you go. The raiders so far the two Brown's plus. Lamarcus Joyner, by the way, you brought this up. Eight added this up really quickly. And I think I know the answer for most raider fans, but Antonio Brown got I'm just doing guaranteed money because that's all that matters. Antonio Brown thirty million Trent Brown, thirty six million lamarcus Joyner seventeen million that's eighty three million. Mack got ninety million guaranteed from the bears. So it's not exactly dollar for dollar. But it's pretty close. So would you rather have Antonio Brown Trent Brown and lamarcus Joyner or Coloma is that's basically how they spent. They just spent the money that they saved on on those three players Eighty-three versus ninety close enough for our purposes. Much is it per year though. One. Tony O'Brien was nineteen a year. Yeah. Wasn't Trent sixteen year of my dad. That's thirty five with Joyner. I don't know. Okay. Let's say seven let's go. You can't go as we said, you can't go total money. I'm just going guaranteed guaranteed. Go by year two. Okay. The salary cap. I mean, they're they're eating probably forty million dollars to stop it. All I'm saying is I'm sorry. I didn't know smart. All I'm saying is is that one of the reasons why they were saying this about clue last year was well, they just they couldn't come up with all the money. Well, they came up with eighty three of the of the ninety year later, and they got the three players, but wasn't it about the signing bonus with him. Yeah. They didn't have the cash. The room Capra cash on hand like going to be so simple 'Sorry Davis looking through his pockets. Twenty by the way, we have it. I just don't have a right now. Exactly what we're doing that. Let me see if I could distract people because I just came across this. Ogden gave me this. So quantum Alexander's deal. This is the perfect example of why you don't freak out. Now, the numbers are out. All right. His contract includes. It was fifty fifty four million right? Get twenty-seven guaranteed. But that's that's not accurate either. If the Spurs were win shut up. Fourteen point two five in full guarantees four million signing bonus eight and a half roster bonus and his base salary. This year is one point seven five million. The only guarantees beyond two thousand nineteen are injury only. So they are only on the hook for fourteen point two five million for Quantel Alexander if he's injured as he's been in the past, and he can't come back from the ACO, then they give the guy fourteen point two five million. And they look for another linebacker next year. So everyone's freaking out going. They gave this guy fifty billion dollars. He's coming off. No, they're giving him fourteen point two five. And if he doesn't play well this year or can't come back from the ACO, then they'll probably make a decision on him next off season. And he won't be on the team. Twenty four year old linebacker who has all the playmaking skills? He has and who led the NFL in solo tackles the only year that he's played sixteen games with one hundred and eight one hundred and forty five that year is worse worth a one year risk fourteen point two five when you reportedly have seventy million dollars in cap space. That's pretty good signing. I like it. Oh. You gotta wait. Don't forget. Out. Anyway, not that big a deal. We still look up the lamarcus Joyner stuff didn't do that do that. Now. That's okay. This is what Marc spears says he says it'll be interesting to see if Sunder fans treat Kevin Durant with the respect that Russell Westbrook deserved in Utah last night. When the words come to Oklahoma City on Saturday. It's not just a Utah problem. It's a league wide problem. Would you agree that he's a league wide problem fans v players because until this happened last night at least wasn't a hot button topic wasn't on the front burner? I hadn't heard a lot about it that fans and players weren't getting along. I heard fans I heard players were miserable or that. You're angry. Miserable. Just like the direct deposit. But have you heard that Nelson issue have it? But he would know more than I have now, I know. Oklahoma City was pretty rude to Durant when he first went back over the whole cupcake thing. Yeah. I the that was a joke that was. Cupcakes. But, but I know there are some those that, but I I don't know it's been that bad sense. But no, I don't I don't know. He's been hurt a couple of times too. Yeah. Yeah. I don't remember this being over. Paul George now. He's really good. You're back in contention your team. Yeah. I just don't remember the I don't I don't know. I don't know. I don't remember him saying like I could be wrong. But even on the first time he came back, and it was nasty, and it wasn't so great and the cupcake stuff and all that. I don't remember could be wrong. But in the post game him saying that there were derogatory things racist things or cursing. I don't remember any of that. I could be wrong. But I don't remember that. I don't remember it being a big story. Maybe it is maybe Merck fears. It's talk to this at some of the players, and and you know, they they're expressing their their concerns. And I don't know just doesn't seem like it's been I've read about it too much when you were playing there wasn't it. Just kind of we've talked about the guy in Washington, but wasn't it? Just kind of heckler's was mostly fun pretty much. Oh, I didn't even think that was fun because he was on. You're not gonna ride you man. He would ride on the barber. He'd ride you. It was it means people that would get on you. But I never ever thought it was a huge deal. Leeann the Barbara a little bit. He didn't curse, but it was. I thought it was funny. I don't know if people today with the was was funny. But he goes you guys can't win. You got too many white guys on the team. It's funny. I thought it was pretty funny. But can you imagine a wagon? You can't win. You. Get dirty black guys on the team. Yeah. That's probably a good work out where probably not, but died leeann the Barbara was pretty funny. He's funny sitting around him 'cause Robin thicker is at least in the first row, which wasn't great for the players. If you didn't like him. He's right on the bench. Right. Yeah. But you didn't have to if you're sitting at his section. He didn't have to yell at you. Glenn that Barbara is up about fifteen rows. He's yelling at uniform on that section of gun. Come on. Exactly. But a break give it a rest sit down old man entirety Yellen. And all the players is just brutal. But yeah, again, I don't know. But any worse than it. Was you catch it now? The phone everyone's able to record it and you see stuff like Russell, Westbrook's reaction, of course, conveniently the fan recorded. Russell westbrook. Not the other fan who is screaming profanity that explanation was like, dude. What do you like my my five year old who broke the vase can't believe you for a second? Well, the guy didn't record the fan because nobody wants a video fan. They want to video Westbury gone ballistic sound there you go. Anyway, you want to get into that? By the way, the fan has been banned for land banned from spending, you know, fifteen dollars for beer, but he's been banned. And Russell Westbrook has been fined twenty five thousand dollars. I would disagree with that. I agree to have bombed whatever. But like that's just so you can't do that. Even if you're right. You can't do that. But you know, what I guarantee Russell Westbrook. Could do it again for double that amount? He said that too in the in his comments after. I'm defending myself and my family every single time. Absolutely. I want to get into that conversation. We will talk to our friend. Randy cross more about NFL free agency. And specifically the Niners what he thinks and some of the bigger deals signed so far we'll do that next here on the sports leader. Tolbert and Lund. Sports leader. What's got more than Angie, low A rod Conceico love? Triangle NFL free agency. Of course, linebacker Quant. Alex did his best groups mcduck dive after John Lynch signed him for fifty four nil. That is the Peekskill new sports in Tolbert and Lund talk big forty Niner money with Randy cross in his three rings coming up next. The sports leader her not your smart speaker now activate the speaker say it's just say Alexa, or play NPR six eight..

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