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Is awarded the prestigious golden fief. That is weird fact. It is for this and other facts about things like movies sports and history quiz and hers the trivia podcast where we test each other's knowledge and the strength of our relationship. Moxie back to you in british columbia. There is a castle like house. Made of the most unusual building material embedded in the cement walls are about half a million square glass bottles that originally held embalming fluid it was built in nineteen fifty three by a retiring funeral director. I am jack's total lack of surprise. There are more ways to order a deck of cards than there are atoms estimated to be on earth. The standard fifty two card deck has eight times ten to the sixty seventh power. Possible arrangements of cards. The first color tv broadcast australia. In nineteen seventy five started in the middle of a show called aunty jack and was worked into the plot. You can actually look it up on youtube and watch the color monster takeover the screen. Hi. i'm naomi. Watkins and mike aguilar and where the hosts of this is her place. The podcast that tells the remarkable stories of utah women past and present. Congratulations moxie and your brain on facts on your hundred fiftieth episode. Did you know that. John lennon originally suggested adolf hitler among many others to appear on the famous cover art for the beatles. Sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band album. One of the artist jan haworth has created a stencil graffiti mural that resembles the original cover but with more representation of women people of color and artists. The mural called. Slc pepper is in salt. Lake city utah and just last year. Jann haworth unveiled a new mural featuring all utah women. That's five stories tall to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the ratification of the nineteenth amendment. And the hundred fiftieth anniversary of women. Getting the right to vote in utah. This should go over well for anyone who was a big fan of the first chapter of the your brain on facts book. What's in a scientific name. Scientists also have nicknames for individual genes the genes that can cause fetal hearts to failed to develop is called the tinman gene. The spock gene gives you pointed ears and the gene that causes hypersensitivity. To alcohol is called the cheap date gene neutron stars the result of the explosive death of other stars are so dense that a piece of one the size of a sugar cube would weigh one hundred million tonnes second lieutenant owen j baggett is credited as the only pilot to have shot down a plane with a handgun when he managed to shoot a japanese pilot in the head after he had parachuted out of his own damaged. B twenty four. Hi this is dr jade wu host of the quick and dirty tips. Podcast savvy psychologist. Often people think that good quality sleep should mostly be deep sleep but in fact. If you're a healthy sleeper only about fifteen percent of your night is supposed to be deep. Sleep sweet dreams. You remember how. I said in episode one hundred and any conversation. I can shoehorn it into that. The longest place name in any english. Speaking country was the welsh village of life Get drove us onto sillier gogo. Well this time. We're giving an honorable mention to a hill in new zealand called and bear in mind. This is a single word. Toa mata walker tongji hongda coa. Tom attiyah pokey i. When walkie tana tahu my sincere apologies to the nation of new zealand in general and the maori people in particular. I tried more. People live in the seventy five thousand square miles of bangladesh than live in the six point. Six million square miles of russia. One hundred sixty three million verses one hundred and forty four million people there was an answer to lewis carroll's question. Why is a raven like a writing desk because it can produce a few notes though they are very flat and it is never put with the wrong end. I but never was spelled. N. e. v. a. r. or raven backwards but somewhere along the line a well-meaning editor corrected it walks. Congratulations on hundred and fifty episodes. That's an incredible milestone. This is steve. Silman of the useless information podcasts. And i've jokingly call my wife a lucy stone which is a real term although it's hardly used today and that's because when lucy stone married henry blackwell eighteen fifty-five she did something that no woman in united states history had ever done before she kept her maiden name and she even had a fight in court for the right to do so. And that's something that many women including my wife do today making them all lucy stoner's successful businessman for college founder and philanthropist roger babson devoted a great deal of time and money into fighting the scourge of our enemy number one gravity. He blamed gravity for the drowning death of his sister guests. The water had a better lawyer. The children's book ferdinand the bull about a bowl who would rather smell flowers than fight. Matadors was banned in germany and spain during world war two as subversive propaganda a tooth can reattach to its roots after being knocked out. If it's put back in place in time that's why it's important to keep the tooth clean and moist and get to the dentist post-haste. Hello mrs elizabeth from ballsy history. A hundred and fifty episodes. That's incredible those are a lot affects and by facts. I mean your brain on facts. And i've got one for you. At the beginning of the nineteenth century trading chinese goods such as tea silks and porcelain was extremely lucrative for britain however they would out by british products in return and only wanted sell their goods in exchange for silver in order to stop this. The east india company and others began smuggle indian ocean in china illegally and they demanded payment and silverwork the balanced back to the waiver wanted. The silver intern was then used by t or other goods by eighteen. Thirty nine opium sales china.

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