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Can't imagine they'll get along because Lisa has been kind of standing alone as the almost more the most like, yeah, now now we have like a new more famous arguably woman in town. Anyways, I can't wait. We still have more wedding set to talk about, do we have. Talk about them. They're so boring. I mean, the arbiter boasting they're both them's. I guess my my friends got married the courthouse on the same day as them. They didn't see them. Yeah, weird. Right. So are they married or not? They're not. They are married that funny part about this. Justin Bieber and bald went to the court, could a courthouse. Obviously, in public people saw them. They said, oh, they, they got married. They got a wedding marriage license, which is what you do at the courthouse. And then she tweeted, we're not married and they're like, oh, they're not married, but then it turns out like someone looked it up, I think, and they are married. She was saying, basically, she was like, we haven't gotten married. 'cause it's like a priest hasn't liked blessed. This union essentially is what I think. I see. So she said they got legally married, but she believes marriage between God is the real thing. Oh, I don't even know what that means by the power invested in me by the state of New York and Jesus. Right? So basically they got legally married. I think he wants to be a citizen. I think that's part of this process. I think that's what an awhile of a sudden. Is like now the time to get citizenship, whatever, honestly. And then you should become a Canadians at ascend get outta here. So it's confusing, but they are married legally, but they will still have a wedding. So if you really care about Justin Bieber, Hanley Bob and you're right there. So fucking boring. So I live, I love hilarious. Pretending like she knows anything about these two like she's ever bomb. I understand the impulse to ask Hillary bold on because guess who's always around Larry, Larry, Baldwin. But she just said they're definitely meant to be, which is just a perfect. I'm the aunt who never sees these people definitely to be. I know she's, she's literally like in some really complicated yoga pose her like phone ring. She like unfolds herself. She's like, Hello. There definitely meant to be hangs up like. Lindsey told me about Germany, Renner, loved your Renner. Like in general, obsessed with him all the time, do still get it up. Still. I deleted the app because the push notifications where out of control. But every time he posted on his abbey as his own private Instagram app for his friends, like his lunatic, friends, his friends. Anyways, thank God. He's releasing music because he wasn't. So now it's great that he is and he posted a little bit from the music and oboe. This thing's going number one. You can play it right here. I'll just let you play it. He collaborated with some guy named Sam feld filled volt. I think he's like an EDM DJ type guy, and the song is called heaven. Don't have a name. I mean as far as it does, and that name is Jeremy Renner..

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