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Surpassing expectations that came with his arrival as an injury replacement. Really good pitching again, a big tech. I don't know what the nickname's gonna be for Bryce Miller. It's Miller time, whatever you want to call it, but again, outstanding job tonight. The Oscar Hernandez hit his 9th home run of the season while Sam haggerty knocked in a pair of runs. The Emerson right hander, Logan Gilbert, the mount knife, the series finale as the M's go for a four game sweep. At the PAC 12 baseball tournament in Scottsdale, Arizona, the huskies were routed by the bruins 17 to four to remain in the tournament the huskies will have to beat the USC Trojans today. The Florida Panthers are on the way to the Stanley Cup final for the first time since 1996, Matthew kachak scored with just 4.3 seconds remaining as the Panthers beat the Carolina hurricanes four three, sweeping the east coast final rather the east Conference Finals series four games to one. And the Boston Celtics hosts the Miami Heat for game 5 of the NBA east finals tonight, the Celtics trail three games to one. Sports a ten and 40 pass the hour, Erica, it's northwest news radio. Thanks, Eric, in his 5 11. We're going to check your traffic with Kiara coming up in just a few moments, but first. The passing of music icon, Tina Turner, has prompted tributes from around the world, and Brian shares the thoughts of someone from our area who knew The Rock and roll Hall of Famer very intimately. Heartbroken really sad. Vancouver BC talk show host Louisa Marshall takes this one pretty personally. I guess I was just reading through her books again. You know, last night. I don't know why for some reason. I did. Louise's connection to the iconic performer. She's a Tina Turner impersonator. For years, Louisa has toured her country and ours performing as Turner for live crowds, even on Ellen's show. And she's about as close to the real deal as it gets. However, being Tina is more than that unique voice, the iconic dance moves said, of course, all those songs. Louisa tells CBC news representing Tina onstage makes her proud because of

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