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Have a smart speaker just say play WFAN and the dynamic old patriot assistance has been very much a topic of conversation not just wait Joe judge now coming to the giants last you will Brian for as you go back to make Daniels Patricia o'brien going all the way back to Eric Mangini in Roman Romeo Crennel if you like but a lot of guys who have a lefty Belichick coaching tree and I will admit my early take away was that Belichick assistance don't handle being a head coach that's why I had skepticism last year when Brian for is got the dolphin job because you see a guy like Mangini error again trying to be balance check not have the maturity to do the job Patricia you've seen him make the mistakes he's way with the Detroit Lions McDaniels had to see more experience in these two years when I was coaching the Denver Broncos there is some negative stigmata the guys who have a left that coaching tree however bill o'brien done a decent to a solid job with Texas it's been a pleasure bunch one playoff games he did a good job at Penn state yeah I'm gonna look at him as a fell head coach Brian for as first year with the Miami Dolphins he's got a whole lot to prove but on a team that was supposed to go what one of fifteen a when was one five a for his last night against you also have to be fair any knowledge guys like makes a bin and yes Kirk fairings all aboard of the Belichick coaching Shea people don't want to acknowledge that but it's absolutely the truth and nobody's gonna not think seven and nobody's gonna not Kurt fans who had very good runs fairings solid Iowa for a long long time and I got about an experiment only maybe the best one of the best college coaches to ever do it each individual should be graded accordingly for every Eric Mangini maybe I find in except for every map Patricia who knows maybe I'll find you a bride Flores I would not attach the stigma to all patient assistance is that there's no way they could be I felt like catches and successful NFL head coaches the most important thing and each of these guys got to do is be themselves don't try to be a corner bill Belichick because it won't work take the principles take the fundamentals you want from him and find your own voice be your own a coach and all work what's it about Holly New Jersey are good buddies scene CA what's up CJ well for one star with the interesting stat at the combine you will have the best first left on average upload dance the average punter bench press wraps I'm gonna be a long number when we got to wait at CJ same way for everybody that about what were you saying it's the same standard way for everybody right right right forty five hi I'm a sit upon our can do in June five times well twenty to twenty five these guys a lot stronger than you would think brawl that's what it comes down to I did I was selling short that's for sure does your heart rate and a half years no matter what the position that describe these plans are all level probably that he will happen the local high school I said about it and she's a you see these guys I mean you run into on a on monsters are you at their arms you will get a casual get their lives I mean I'm jealous as a tween trying to gain some weight in the gym I mean you'll see a guy like board Scott I mean it got as they have an ounce of fat on his body he is muscle upon muscle palm muscle so yeah I totally get what kind of physical specimen more often than not you got to be to play in the NFL which is amazing I tend to the coaches are you love that it's Bluetooth these past that you know this has happened I don't remember Jackson and I was very one thousand the defense also so it's really gonna come down to hardware would big deal hi good because usually gonna be such as fast but it's gonna be axes in the house but I agree with you I think the speed test uses the higher because he doesn't degrade over this year at this time great organizational skills for example I think between each child properly and I also think there's good uses part that's flop we are clock management is a very important skill I do have problems with that its refreshing that it looks like the giants finally has a football coach is going to deal with every operation of the football team yes they did not have that with Pat Shurmur they did not have that would ban Mackey do you'd think about Joe judge now as a guy who has a lot to prove you come into the jagged situation being this great unknown I get your point CJ Phil Jackson won his presser Dave fees they'll one is pressure plenty of guys have had great first impressions and have seen their futures go right down the toilet but for a guy who was an unknown I think we can agree on this he could with first time out you know what I mean well yeah we have a good start all in the system coaches virtually naval war I think probably stick with other very cheesy on that bench I don't know what the dynamic is I don't know if Eric Mangini wants to coach again I don't be very very surprised if Eric Mangini comes out of nowhere because Joe judges defensive coordinator the guy I want on the staff bill Callahan bill Callahan is one of the best offense of line coach is if not the best offense of line coach in the league look at the work he did in Washington getting Twain Askins old looked like a lost puppy his first five or six games into being a competent quarterback with not a whole lot around them that guy knows that a coach aligned he knows how to coach offense and he was a head coach with the Oakland Raiders what Nebraska and for an interim basis with the red skins that is a guy with his wealth of experience I see him brought into the New York Giants that's the sort of high it tells me CJ that they say because means business right Sir well without the play is just in generalities hello I can hear that through the music three down to seven or eight I love the look this fax circumstances I'm gonna be the one to hospital one of them this time around look what happened to widely it could go the type form it's this year admission to be very close to each other people know Thomas Georgia what do you guys also have to wait if you go CJ is going to depend on what you can get in return and yes we have to attend the violet declaring out of Alabama eight now opens the door for Detroit and for the giants to be open for business if somebody's going to blow me away maybe it's a team looking to move up to get to a may be a team that is going to lose out on to feels okay now Justin Herbert's agak alone is our guy we I treat up to go get on and considering the needs that are on this team CJ I'm with you I for one would be exploring the possibilities because did you guys do not have like one individual need it's not a simplistic is all they need offensive tackle in their set they want to worst defenses in the sport now I get it they'll be on the salary cap they can spend some money get edge rusher be felt that defense get some better players boy it they got a lot of work to do so if I can get a little bit more Jeff capital any offers that good I'd be willing to listen we will draft a few potential match just read that you wouldn't still wants more of the pocket as a quarterback the band would see like Brady was been all of these years however Jake's Bob each with at the end of the first round you read those books rob thank you for the football but mobility is an issue and I'm just very curious to see how in this day and age we watch Lamar Jackson do is staying you watch coursing when Stu is staying in your watch Patrick my homes do its thing quarterback with limited mobility how is he going to be valued and my initial gut feel on the patriots trying to find a quarterback moving on if they do from the I kind of Tom Brady having a quarterback who can move around I for one think that's gonna be a must for bill Belichick said to Nassau County Joe joins us seize up next on a phallic set gel Hey what's our good morning JJ good morning to you Joe how you doing man which second life flo near Giants fan when I was born my parents took me home in a giant sleeper and order bread giants and I had no choice in the matter these last couple years with Machen doing shareware have been a real you know declined from my you know what we have with a come Coughlin but I listen to our I'm not gonna lie I was very skeptical when I saw that we hired Joe judge as a head coach you know our by within the room I kind of want to run over there and then I saw Ron rare went to you know the Redskins band you know Mike McCarthy Mike McCarthy with the cowboys and you know I was like damn another he treats assistant you know you know why you just talked about before about the patriots assistant track record but anyway long story short me to you know continue to rant but when I heard Joe judges crack up this afternoon about learned a wall and punched in the nose or sixty minutes I myself want their month to a brick wall I I'm feeling pretty proud about Joe judging I'm gonna hang up now and you know you would have to say listen I appreciate the call Joe and I think it's okay to now I have a feeling the positivity judges you head coach forget about the process forget about missing out on that rule forget about missing out on Mike McCarthy you now have a coach for better or worse he couldn't lose Thursday he couldn't come across is a guy who was overmatched because if that happened the victory all the anger would be off the charts I wanted the jazz to hire Matt role that was my number one choice I was all in on that idea it didn't happen sometimes you could have a work out both ways in sports where a guy you don't bring it has great success elsewhere but you end up.

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