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And the feedback that you got from the crowd for arrowhead being a polling station and then lastly unnoticed coach. Andy reid was there at at six thirty vote. How many other people from the organization used arrowhead is voting place. So let me start with party. Your question So hundred you know. I haven't been a lot of polling stations as they open the gates but I don't think there very very many around the city around the country where people were tutoring as they walked in the door I think has something to do with being at the stadium It was a pretty energetic atmosphere out. There they were a lot of people in line. They they poured in One of the big benefits we have. Here's the space the fact that we can do most of our lines indoors And there's a lot of space obviously socially distance and then we With all the new machines we have over forty machines. That's what i've been doing. All morning is getting people from registration to the voting machines. And there's just plenty to to utilize so In terms of and others who voted here So i've been the one one of the team of people who've been taking registration devoting. So i've actually been able to interact with a lot of our employees and thanked him for voting we every level of the of the organization here One of them in particular was a security guard. Who literally just got off work for working the nightshift rolled-over got the vote. And you gotta here so really efficient and really working better than expected next to adam. Teicher go he mortar. Mark had a ticket question for you today on. Can you just give us a sense of how through four home. Games that syrian going from the team perspective any regrets y twenty two percent is the optima seems to be the sweet spot there and brattle one quick follow up to So the ticket process has been Very interesting for us. Because it's such unchartered territory. We initially proposed Close to thirty one percent capacity deduct archer again. Another person that we've really spent a lot of time with and again an educated Just how the medical side looks at this. And how do we make it as safe as possible. So through those discussions got down and twenty two I don't think there's a real magic number in twenty two to thirty one. It's really about being socially distance possible in the in the stands big big advantage. And we have a couple of actually. The first is obviously an outdoor stadium. which plays into it and then being able to test all of our suite holders was a big plus so that helped us with capacity in terms of the process there are a lot of learning's really proud of the team. We were obviously the first in the league to do this. Because of the first game but As i've said before we we knew we were on a stage that was being closely monitored by not only our league but other leagues on how this was going to work and to be able to do successfully as we've done so far Again to operate expertise in new space for us all That's been really the process one learning that we took away from it which I would tell you that we didn't really see this when we put the projections out. But it's been pretty clear to us is the pod. Sizes of each individual group has ebbed and flowed. So you know there's a theory at least internally with us that that'll continue changes people get more comfortable or less comfortable with spikes that we don't have spikes that for the most far will be feedback with god is. I'm comfortable in my podcasts. At four to six whatever it is and what are we. Seeing trending is positive have gotten smaller from the beginning. They're starting to get bigger. We'll see what happens at thanksgiving if we have any spikes after that but we do hope that those pods will continue to get bigger. Because i don't actually give us the ability to get even closer to that twenty two percent when you're dealing with pods and trying to stick them into places this social distancing create capacity issues for us so that's probably the biggest learning took away from it The final point. I'll make to that adam. Is you know the the clients and the adherence by our fans has been really good We there's always gonna be exceptions and we've managed as well as they possibly could But the key is that we're trying to faith venue so people can have arrowhead experience and cheese. Football live and in person and a lot of that is on her fans and we said from the beginning plan is only good is compliance. And they've done a really good job with and my next question is assuming there's going to be one or more playoff games. Played at arrowhead this year. Can you say definitively. Yet the tickets will be sold for those games. Whatever the capacity might be. I think in two thousand and twenty. It's hard to say anything. Definitively we fully plan and expect to be at least twenty two percent capacity. And we're working through a lot of different scenarios right now to make sure that if the opportunity presents itself were able to capitalize on that and get even more arcane in ireland. It's going to. Matt mcmullen go. Hey mark so there's been some planning in this like you like you've mentioned many people involved coordination trying to make today a reality but now that it's actually happening. You're seeing it in action. What's this mean to you. In the organization. The biggest thing that comes across the pride you know this is such a great example of an organization just working together to you. Guys have heard the story. We started with What our platform is gonna be to try to address covid and social justice it also converge same time on us and we would have players and said. Where do you guys want to focus our time where we want to focus our resources. What do we wanna make priority And we came out of that meeting with three priorities. The first voting The second being finding ways to support local minority businesses and the third being tried to do something more than we already do with city year and other programs in the education area just because of what covert is doing to those areas and that turned into Three tiers of focus specifically on voting. We started with a wariness. How do we make sure people are aware that their vote matters. And how do we get that message out there. And how do we support that with our platform both the chiefs platform and the players individual platforms that turn to once. You got to awareness and education how to register to vote so a ton of work done with rise devote a ton of work done with the league. I you saw the video of patrick and tyrant standing in front of our whole our whole team. All of our coaches during training camp and just sharing their personal experience and how important it was to them and really just sharing that they can be a part of this and everybody in the room should be a part of it and then you know all of those things were done early on and we can't sort of meeting and talking about things that we could do the idea of will could we vote at arrowhead came up in a meeting and that launched the ho- campaign to try to make it a reality. I will share with you that a lot of those meetings were great on paper. You walk out of there and makes perfect sense. Let's go to space. That's where the election board came in and a lot of different people helped us through that process. process culminated in not too long ago. The election boards saying that Although it's a great idea. They're just too many hurdles and we finally had to say what's it gonna take And that's really. What launched the idea of purchasing new machines and so we the cheese organization the hunt family and patch mahomes and his fifteen and the homeys Foundation came together and said that's what's gonna take we're committed to this point. Let's go so six figure investment by us that not only will legitimately impact the community today but will impact this community for years and years to come. Hopefully ten years to come with these machines. Continue to be used. And then i'll finally say for anybody who's been here today. Anybody comes out today. If you experience voting arrowhead. I think they're gonna want this to be only location for a long time to come next to nate. Taylor gordon eight. Mr good to see you actually answered One of my questions about the future. But i do have to for you i is do. Does the organization know how many people were to register through the program. And then i'll have to follow. So i'd answer that question. Couple one Late in the process. We really focused on awareness. Who could actually vote here. And we didn't want situations where people coming out here and not being able to vote and creating more problems. So that's when we got really aggressive on our website with information specifically if you gonna choose dot com slash vote right now. Just look.

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