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Above Papa. Out G A R news presents silent witness where it pays to fight crime. Here's Jamie West. If you didn't know Michael are bio, you'll probably wish you had a person that if you went to a party, he would introduce himself, everybody, sir, but into who he was. And he made friends very easily here. He was very charismatic manual of bio and his brother Mike, We're very close. You couldn't miss Mike. He was very out spoken and here laughing. Everybody could hear him laughing. Michael was one of 12 Children and was born and raised here in the Valley. He was a huge Dallas Cowboys fan from the time he was a kid. He also loved music. All types of music should have all was his family. My brother had five kids, and any time he could spend time with him. He just loves spending time with him. In fact, he was getting ready to go to Texas for his daughter's graduation and a father daughter dance. Mike was an architectural draft and did a lot of the electrical work. Phoenix Children's Hospital on Thursday, September 15th 2011 manual asked Mike to fill in on his bowling team. After a fun night they both headed home in opposite directions. Michael was traveling westbound on I 10 Freeway and about 49th Avenue as he was driving. He was shot by unknown suspects and ultimately crashed his vehicle. Phoenix police Detective Kim Bates. This time it's unknown, whether it's road rage or incident or whether it was just a stray bullet. That's why we're looking for people to come forward and hopefully remember that night. And see if there's anybody that even talked about the incident. After the fact Michael was 49 years old. Find the link with more details and pictures. From this case and Katie are dot com Click Menu scroll down the blog's and silent witness. I'm Jamie West, Katya Our news. If you have information about a felony crime and wished to remain anonymous contact, silent witness at 48, a witness or silent witness dot warg.

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