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Thing it's very easy to get caught up in our emotions getting them yeah that's what that's like losing them in and watching them go to a place like Tampa we're got the weather it it's just you're sick you're starting to see him work out and Tom god you look so good in those in that puter he never looked as good in a in a patriots uniform as he does in our box he really doesn't and he's a good looking man so hot eyes other piercing sorry okay one of the most underrated joys in life is sitting in a hammock you get yourself a good ham it can you can you can just drift away spend time in a hammock and it's it's it's really can cure all you're right I I did send him a time when we are down said about cap TiVo the resort we had had hammocks and I'll tell you magnificent way to spend a few hours you don't even realize you know it's if you don't think about it until you're in when you get on you know why am I not sitting in a hammock more often I should hammock more yeah well maybe not a fourteen year old Ohio girl and her younger sister we're crushed to death by falling bricks as they were laying in a backyard hammock according to reports the tragic freak accident happened Sunday evening at the girl's home in Cleveland heights the victims were identified as scout in chase the scar valley hours after the incident they were pronounced dead at the hospital they were using a brick pillar that was tied to a tree while in the hammock and the propeller of bricks fell on the two young girls crushing them this is a very relaxing at all no I gotta be honest.

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