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Hello everybody, and thank you for tuning into deliberately report with me. Today is Daniel make. Are Co host Daniel. Deceit it you this morning Dr. Paul. Good. Radian rare and ago. Solve the were world's problems and talk a little bit about Corona Vars. You know that's a subject around for a little bit. It isn't the krona viruses. The deal is the consequence of the fearmongering Is the consequence of what has been the effect on our liberties Now, that's that's the big deal because it's ongoing but maybe we see a sign of hope right now and we'll talk a little bit about a poll a recent poll that. Came out half decent. So but you know the big thing over the weekend from the news that I watched was. How hard can the far left come down on trump for the way he reacted early on in the first part of the year when he heard there was a virus and. The scenario is that he he knew about it it was very serious and then he ignored doing anything about it and I got to thinking we know the first month or two nobody knew much about it and it was all misinformation and I can imagine. Trump saying. This sounds pretty serious. We need to take this well I. think that's a pretty good reaction because even those of us who have a different opinion on how to handle it, handle it we don't dismiss the fact that is a serious problem. What are we going do to protect the elderly in the nursing homes like that so but but trump sorta. You know new new immediately. He had to be serious and he early on did do some. In quarantine people coming into the country and you could argue the pros and cons on that. But at least it wasn't like he totally ignored it and. Then later on, you know He. He came down on the side of doing more but the left thinks that he did too little too late and he's guilty and he caused people to die I. think they're over the top and I think that even this makes sense to me on on the how. I can understand how he he how he handled it recognizing it was serious and not..

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