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But he also Just just the say says shadow to his wonderful human resources and his keeper. So make sure you get that in there. What's our two d. Two cracks me up. Rtd chewed karma jingle that someone scented. Okay i'm just. I can't keep up shaun benson in smithville texas three thirty three thirty three donation in honor of douchebag. Jason bailey. hit me in the mouth and may is one of my best friends. One of the most honest sincere people you could ever meet as met with a great laws. And i want to wish him peace. Love you my friend. I'm very nice nice but But what. I supposed to douchebag him. Because i don't know i mean is in the color but i don't think i don't think so no. I didn't didn't feel like a band says douchebag. Yeah i mean you gotta call you gotta. We need to know when to pull the trigger. You know we're just not we're not gonna just do it. Ross is bad vibes. Ross easterling in new braunfels texas again. Three thirty three thirty three slowly. I turned step. So i got a grill master or grill broiler or whatever the brand is and they have a clone of a of the old new bronxville used to make these great barbecues especially the honjo side burner dynamite product and cooked like a champ. It was just that easy to control. It was distinct. i can't cook with no good in. It's a new one. Yeah i just got it for. Got it for my birthday last year or something. it's just it's it's junk. Oh i love grill. The this brand for their smaller grills but this thing doesn't work in it in the big in their from new braunfels. Now no. I'm i'm bitching about solely i turn because new braunfels as used to have the new braunfels grills and they were fabulous. It's an every time. I see the name new braunfels. I get irked outs. Triggering trick right new braunfels. You're not allowed to donate anymore. No you can keep donating anyway. It goes on no jingles. No karma i would like to know which of you does. The best arnold schwarzenegger impersonation. I don't do a good one. Get out of reprogramming camp or is it the virtuous signal to predict a new kindergarten cop movie. It'd be a new kindergarten cop movie. Maybe i have no idea. But i don't do it either. That's everyone does an arnold schwarzenegger and they all suck. Yeah i agree yeah. It's kinda sad. So i'm sorry i don't know knows arnold the do scott hopper and browns berg indiana Three thirty three thirty three Hi john and atomised hitting them out by somebody on read it of all places in march. You kept me sane sense then. After listening to sunday show my smoking. Hot wife donated yet. I said no to which he replied. So you're still a douchebag. I knew then what. I had to do obviously now. I need a d. douche. Please john you spend deduce also wants to bind the whole load balmy. You could die. That's true for ways. I'm gonna give you the whole load today. You might not. Was there karma to go with. I don't think so right. I didn't say but i'll say this the the you might die follow. We're all going to fall by. We're all gonna die is a nice combo. Listen to it again. Because i was too busy. Ride the levels. I'm gonna give you the whole load today. You might go nuts if winning combination Good work scott grant armistead in charlotte north carolina note contribution details email. John at dot com. Well you know because dot org. I didn't receive an email from either dot. Com goes to nowhere stabby l. Heff rich in spring. Texas three turgid texans today shamefully been listening in the shadow so i decided to pay up. Thank you for my sanity over the last year. I've thoroughly enjoyed the laughs in spats with my weekly dose of news looking forward to another exceptional year of entertainment and news. Love all those jingles and then she wants you to play your favorite as the editor of the new york. Times was her name abra. That's my favorite for today. The tornado in boston massachusetts three thirty three and no pennies Podfather both guys bob. Shout out to my obviously better half future dame. Jj for which this donation she's now officially recognizes dame esquire. Jj six babe anyways no jails three unique job. Karma's one for version at one for john c version and one for all the independent craftspeople. Try try and make it out there. T. y. f. y. c. a. Bad robot daycare is a pair of epa's by nathan lee and his deep state. They're built to be listened to together. I version american is known as the version added to a fam- the second japanese ver i feel like i'm a navajo code talker during well. The second japanese version is known as the john c version. That's the black light one. With the lucky in japan eighth track please link them to links inaugurated now thirty three days ago. My first professional release after twenty two years of music during rare december twenty twenty saturn's slash jupiter conjunction a bad robot daycare. sir nathan. lee. Read thirty three red thirty three. Wow wow whatever that was. I'm not sure maybe he meant something like this guy. Burns trump cake with a red dash alpha message to fart. Maybe sir red beard spring texas three thirty three so read. 'but beard here. This donation puts me over the top for the upgrade to baronet last year. I asked removing carmo when we moved from. Houston to glasgow this year. It seems Fortune fifty company. I have been with for twenty. Three years has invited me to seek alternative employment no jingles but i asked removing and tpp job karma as the family. And i make the move from glasgow to denver. Wow nice guy all right. They need some teepee odds. You've.

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