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Come to Shane company to create your dream engagement ring. I'm Roydon Shane fourth-generation jeweler militia are lead designer most people don't realize this. But other jewelers in Salt Lake stock the exact same rings as each other. There's nothing unique about them at Shane company. My design team creates exclusive engagement rings that are easy to love in every price range rings that you'll never find anywhere else. We have over a thousand styles including dazzling halo rings, symbolic 0 rings detailed vintage rings, really anything you could possibly want. You'll have fun choosing your favorite ring style. And then you get to customize it with the center stone that really speaks to you and fit your budget. Choose from the largest selection of loose, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires in every size, shape and color. Come to Shane company. Direct diamond importers your family jeweller. Now, you have a friend in that. I am in business. Shane company and shaneco dot com. Mattress firm's fan favorite deals are back. For a limited time get a king for the price of a Queen and a green fridge win. So you can save up to six hundred dollars or get a free just based on your qualifying matches up to a six hundred dollar value free. Now's the time to buy Reagan from Maryland said she loved the value. She got with the adjustable base. We dare you to try to find a better deal before the year. Ends your budget. Strictures further acknowledges firm restrictions apply. Offer is not compatible. Valda participating locations for offer details. Visit mattress firm dot com slash sale. Didn't get what you really wanted for the holidays. T mobile can help you fix that right now at T mobile. Some of the hottest phones are included with your unlimited plan for just forty bucks a line for four lines with the other guys forty bucks. Only gets you a plan, but at T mobile, you get a phone included with your unlimited plan for the same price. Start the new year off right with a new phone heads at T mobile get the Samsung galaxy S nine included with unlimited plan for just forty bucks a line for four lines. Visit a store or call one eight hundred t mobile today. Thirty dollars for central's, plus ten dollars for phone via thirty six monthly Bill credits with four qualifying trains and auto pay for well qualified buyers during congestion customers may notice lower speeds and further reduction of using more than fifty gigs per month. Video streams at four ADP, plus taxes and fees contacting mobile before canceling service or credit. Stop them remaining balances two zero down plus twenty per month for thirty six months pre-credit price of seven twenty zero percents APR qualifying credit and finance agreement required. Celebrate the end of a great year in the start of a new one with a visit this week to diamonds direct now through Sunday. We extended our special three years zero interest holiday finance offer. So you can pick any item guaranteed. Best value price and spread your payments over three years with zero interest. It's a great way to shop diamonds direct guys. Maybe you need a Christmas do over gift after thinking a new vacuum cleaner was a good idea. Or maybe you're getting engaged over New Year's weekend or upgrading her diamond. Whatever the reason we got you covered with the best selection. Invest prices and were even open this Sunday for your convenience, and yes, all this. Sweet you can still take advantage of our incredible holiday finance offer three years zero interest on anything and everything. So you can splurge without breaking the Bank truly a non risk shopping environment. It's been a great year common. Celebrate year love with us and go into the.

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