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Every day way. Home can work, Vida. I bought it at about one forty how much broken. Stockers pin remembered still pay for the plastic. Wanna miss this bottle Kelly doing great don't forget MasterCard. That's terrific to we're not done. We need to go to land in Kansas land. And. I'm finding that can say recently pitch finnick corporation to competition. Sick. You're Nash bad. Why not bad? It's an interesting idea too little spec. But I think it's a very good idea. Let's go to Casey in Georgia, Casey, Jim from Atlanta, Georgia. All right. Your perspective on you Fiqh Whitney network. They announced earnings next week and have about a great run this year. Up seventy percent. That's a tough one. I cannot uphill on that one. All I can say is that run don't fun and that Liz. Food other. Oh. Lightning round is sponsored by TD Ameritrade. How pit bull market from Georgia. Jim. Hey, what's between luck? Wheelbarrow only. One of them works push. I need. The KOMO g sad face. Go pound sand. So keep those positive mine this, but Phil from the tree maybe put matters swat their heads back to the hammers perform a manager excise in the first amendment writing incredibly stupid things having fathers book if not for buffets, Kylie Jenner light following eighteen million one incident. Thank you get Heather she died today. I we cosmetics over commissions, Kylie, so far this show. Do you have an emoji equine? I have a heart..

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