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You're listening to the news at this saw on Africa Business Radio. You end reporters found out gold production in the Democratic Republic of Congo continues to be system I, typically under reported while tons of the precious metal smuggled into global supply chains through its eastern neighbours in its annual report, the UN Group of experts on the Congo found that North Kivu south on thirty provinces reported official production of just over sixty rounds of autism or go in twenty nineteen yet it exported a total of just over seventy, three killed banned. The group estimates that at least one point one tonnes of gold smuggled out of the province alone in twenty nineteen that will have earned the government up to one point. Eight million dollars in taxes had been exported. The group also estimated that more than ninety five percents of gold exports from Uganda in twenty nineteen, where totaled just over twenty five tons, where not of Ugandan origin as on twenty and production and twenty nineteen expert data. That's the news on Africa. Business Radio you can continue to listen live online at www dot Africa business. Redo DOT, com of our mobile APP remember stay safe..

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