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Of New York City. Glenn Berman and Michael Riedel wants one WR Well nomination season. We have the Golden Globes out earlier this week, and then we have the SAG Awards Screen Actors Guild Awards. Gonna be kind of a strange season for the nomination because I don't know what the show's gonna look like. Certainly no red carpets or anything like that. Yes, there will be virtual, But sag nominations made a little more sense to letting me than the Golden Globes did, But here to sort it all out for us is Joe Newmark WR movie movie minute. Good Morning, Joe. How are you? Morning, guys? Yeah, it is going to be a weird your first ball. Of course. Everything is gonna be virtual. For the most part. We still don't know what the Oscar is gonna be like. But the Golden Globes gonna be doing it where Amy Poehler's in New York, I think and Tina Fey's in L. A. So they'll be sort of zooming back and forth. Or maybe cameras, you know, or cell phones that on the potential winners, and so if they win, it might be, you know, accepting live kind of thing. It's just a quick note. I think it's going to be interesting this year because it's gonna be almost a little bit like the year that the Oscars celebrated indie films. Remember that back in 1996 when it was movies like Shine and Fargo When things like that, that sort of got a lot of attention and Billy Crystal famously said, You know who are all you people because they weren't Hollywood royalty on. I think it's gonna be a little of that this year. Because all of these things you know we'll have streamed very few of them if any premiered in theaters on so right saying makes a lot more sense and Golden Globes, of course, But you know, that's like 95 foreign journalists voting for those things. Where is the Screen Actors Guild is from people in the industry. And so that makes a lot of sense. So let's just jump into that. You know, I think that the the the Sehgal Wars has got a good sense of what what people really saw and what they liked, And obviously there's a There's a sense of the Golden Globes kind of lost. You know, the nominee a lot of black lead films. In fact, none of them the five blood did not get nominated. Where is it did at the at the SAG Awards? And ah and Marines. Black bottom came out. Really, You know, strong on top. Chadwick Boseman got nominated for best actor posthumously. Obviously, he also has nominated best supporting role 45 blood, So it's It's gonna be an interesting sort of here. What did you guys think? Is you read those? Those SAG awards? What jumped out at you? Well, I think it was so different the job than the Golden Globes because the Golden Globes was lily white and of the five nominees for best film at the SAG Awards for them. Well, at least three of them were minority and the fourth one involves the Korean story. So it was. It was very diverse. That's right. That's right. In fact, four out of five the only one that's not in the trial the Chicago seven, which is a great film at night, and that's also another thing, which was kind of Netflix has gotten, you know a really big boost this year. This may be the year that they end up winning an Oscar after a couple of Europe strong years because all we're looking at the SAG awards and looking even at Golden Globes. You've got a lot there. But right for the five Bloods, Marini's black bottom all great choices. Minori is really strong through the people that movie that people may not know about minorities. They're really nice films A really strong Minori is about a Korean family that's living in Arkansas. They're immigrants to Arkansas and trying to fit into the community, and the father is played by a terrific actor named Steven Yeun that people may know from the walking dead. And the grandmother who's in there who I think is nominated, actually for AH, Sag Award for best Supporting actress is really fun. She's a She's sort of this live wire. She's really Sparky, this old woman who's kind of always giving, you know kind of inappropriate advice in some ways, and it's really kind of a fun a fun character. It zah fish out of water movie, which is really, you know, obviously, it's always a popular thing, but it's really interesting. It's interesting about how how different cultures kind of assimilated into really nice. A nice drama One night in Miami is also another one that people have been talking about it got nominated at at the SAG Awards is directed by the actress Regina King, who got a NASCAR for a fields. We could talk and not watchman and a few other things, and that's based on a place about a night in 1964 that Muhammed Ali, then cold caches. Play, of course, uh, Sam Cooke, Malcolm X. And, uh, and the football players seem to be actor Jim Brown get together in a in a hotel room with a sort of celebrate. Uh, cash is Clay's win over Sonny Liston, and it's a great drum. It's really terrific. Leslie Odom, who was in Hamilton, uh, got nominated for best supporting actor for ladies. He is It's really a terrific felon that's nominated for best best drama. A to the organ. I'm fumbling story at the SAG Awards. Yeah, these are all really terrific movie that people just seek out. You know, I was kind of sad that my friend Franklin Jello was overlooked at the Golden Globes. I thought he would have been perfect nominee for a supporting actor to move because he's so good and the evil judge in the trial, the Chicago seven Totally agree. And Eddie Redmayne would've been great in there, too. But I actually thought Franklin Jell O would have been really a terrific choice. Sasha Baron Cohen. What a year for him. Obviously, the you getting supporting actor nomination for trial in Chicago seven for playing Abbie Hoffman. But then Bora and had a really strong are really strong, showing its best picture, musical or comedy. It's in there. Maria Batalova, who's hilarious, and it is in there is best actress. You know, it's really an interesting year. Because a lot of these movies are the movies. You wouldn't expect it to get nominated things like Palm Springs, even which is terrific. The sound of metal actor named Riz Ahmed, who's terrific, and there is best actor in a drama You Place a heavy metal drummer who's going deaf, and that's a really, really strong movie because it really kind.

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