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Think there's just a ton of value you may have been too young to to understand like hey i'm knock on the door that had a sports of cnn so that's probably how you're framing it but but i remember this is a story that's come on the show with with bill check just reaching out to bill parcells for first gig tim ferriss who guests lectures at stanford school business always challenges and he will give as a reward to the winning student a round trip flight to anywhere in the world if they can get in touch with one of the world leaders or most famous people and we're only usually less brock obama mark zuckerberg retail scenes sheryl sandberg and these kids in this class go how am i supposed to get out get in touch with these people as well there ways to do it their methodologies but requires guts do you think what you did then is more difficult to do now in other words are there more layers between get in touch with dan patrick if you're the next aspiring sportscaster no because you can tweet you can email and you can call in the show so my veil ability is different than than most people in this business that or you can people send letters to the show how do you stand out amidst all the noise if if you're gonna give advice to someone well that's why started this school to sportscasting because i i was giving advice but it felt like it was i could have been giving it to more people and that's what i wanted to do but this has been in the works for seven years at least because i just i was amazed at the number of kids who would go to college out of college and go where's my job or how do i get in the business and you're so far behind everybody and i remember meeting with a kid because his parents were friends of a friend and they said would you meet with me discriminated from lsu and this isn't a nakal nellie shoe as much as it is you know when you go for communications you better have internships you better be on the radio you better be a new school newspaper doing demo tapes by i don't play by play for the you know college baseball team like there's so much you have to do just to get to the.

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