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Corbyn led labor to an astonishing forty percent in the june elections jeremy corbyn is a militant leftist he's an antiimperialist and he is unapologetic about those things colville prime minister at set ten years ago in 1979 that went two thousand seven hundred fifty households in temporary accommodation in london the current figure is over twenty five thousand and a further two thousand people to sleeping on the streets does she not to great people sleeping on the streets of our capital city charged exorbitant rents and children being brought up in bed and breakfast hotels is it rights civilized country it is an extraordinary thing that he has come so close to winning power in britain and that he may well eventually succeed as britain becomes accustomed to the realities of life under theresa may the labor party under jeremy corbyn is surging in the polls like bernie sanders in the us campaign corbyn has energized young people he's galvanize voters who'd become complacent with the whole system by the way sanders remains the most popular politician in the us in both corbyn and sanders there are a great lessons to be learned about confronting seemingly unbeatable entrenched political and financial institutions in our countries my colleague now me klein recently sat down with jeremy corbyn for a wideranging interview covering everything from reagan thatcher privatization and deregulation policies to lessens the democratic party could learn from corbyn's surprising electoral successes here's an excerpt of that conversation i want to tackle that this extraordinary moment where in where this project that really began under thatched sharon this cut chain reagan in the us is crumbling the whole socalled consensus that never really was a consensus that really the war on the collective the war on the idea that we can do could things willing get together that whole thinking has collapsed.

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