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China town cautions have been taken by our city we know that there's tourism travel all throughout the world but we think it's very safe to be in Chinatown and hope that others will come shop owners say business is off by seventy five to eighty percent because of fears over the coronavirus business owners in new York's Chinatown I've also been struggling city officials are been telling the public that they will be safe shopping there three twenty two at W. C. B. S. every week on the W. C. B. S. author talks podcast you'll hear interviews from best seller it's a really good story about president who goes missing it's not like any other thrillers think anybody will have right hand authors you haven't discovered yet I call it a new faction you don't know where the facts and the fiction begins and we promise we will give too much away people always ask me what the added on WCBS author talks podcast new episodes every Wednesday subscribe on iTunes and radio dot com so who doesn't want to know another language well the problem is learning it I mean if you could just flip a switch and no French or Spanish or even Russian cool right but who wants to sit in a class for hours when you could be doing something fun but now here's the next best thing living that language which getting the babble with Babel you can learn a language in just a few minutes a day no kidding just a few minutes and in no time you'll be able to speak another language so if someone drops you in France you'll be able to have a great conversation unless of course they drop you in France a new has learned Russian.

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