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Instead, I joined the CIA got assigned to the counterterrorism center. Want to Iraq, northern Iraq when it was a particularly spicy area of the country in 2007 went back to central Iraq in 2008 deployed to Afghanistan in 2009. And came home from that work for the NYPD Intelligence division came in right after the fight. Najibullah Zazi attack. And then I was assigned to the NYPD Task force. Working the Faisal Shahzad case. The Times Square bomber, among other Averted attacks that we worked on during my time there. So it obviously changed the course of my life, but I was very lucky. And that I didn't have any family members lost and I know so many of you did. I was very lucky that I wasn't a fireman or a member of the NYPD or a flight attendant on one of those flights or a pilot. Or someone working in the Pentagon that day. What did we learn from 9 11 as a country. One thing is that evil exists and if it can catch you sleeping, it will You have to be ever vigilant because there will be evil forces at work in this world, no matter how powerful wealthy, successful we are as a nation. There will be those ideologies. Those beliefs those impulses. From other human beings to tear us down and destroy us. I know it became something of a laugh line among the liberal left for a while that they hate us for our freedom. But the people that drove planes into those buildings did in fact, hate us for our freedom. And their comrades and colleagues today. Haven't changed their ideological predispositions at all. They're absolutely in agreement with that, that if they could destroy us as a society, they would And then there are those within our own country who you would think Would have rallied to our side, you would think would understand the stakes. And would stop rooting against us because of their own narrow parochial interests or their desire to always be proven right? As domestic radicals who want to see this country brought low and then transformed. They still are very much here is well. One of my strongest memories from 9 11 was the Gathering the only all school gathering that I can remember having when I was at Amherst College, Pretty left wing place in central Massachusetts in the Pioneer Valley. I remember a professor. Standing up before the whole student body and saying, This is what happens when you make people angry. You see? To a certain kind of left wing intellectual to a certain kind of, let's just say it. Radical Democrats. Socialist Marxist. America actually got what it deserved. That day. There were people who were saying that then we remember this. This was a response to our foreign policy. There were academics who said this. There were journalists who believed this. Maybe they waited a while to write such things or say things out loud, but There was that belief there was a flag burning on my campus within Weeks of 9 11 explicitly these were students explicitly going forward to say. That we got what we deserved. So while we can all talk about our unity, and we should, because the vast majority of Americans yes, including our Our fellow Americans who are Democrats. Vast majority recognized what the gravity of the situation was and rallied to our flag and rally to our country, and we should remember that. There was an element within our own borders that saw what happened that sauce attacked in this Particularly dire and vulnerable moment and thought. This is something that we can work with. This will be advantageous for us. You even see some elements of that still today? Don't ever forget their enemies, Foreign and domestic. That's one of the lessons we should take from 9 11. Because neither of them have gone away as much progress as every as we've made it as many sacrifices. As our military law enforcement and first responders have engaged in over the last almost 20 years..

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