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Pitches way outside ball for not close ninety miles an hour fastball he is not an shelf right now suppose he's coming up and we'll see what the padres decided to do any rain is just sorta staring out of the mountainous the padres manager glaring in a way and he stand put so stick it would kale for at least one more hitter and it's buster posey's who has walked and flight out hitting three 23 bases loaded for buster to down here in the fourth chance for the giants to break this game wide open rob pitch posy takes a ball in the dirt wanna know curve at buster actually and and we know buster buster is a very aggressive hitter in spots like this he was ready to swing and he started held back to take wall one pros you've got four career grand slams this year the bases loaded though it was kind of an oddity but especially for hitter as good as buster is one for seven with the bases loaded not a lot of chances but only one hit here's the one oh pose the takes a strike was like a backup slider on the inside one and one gore keyser now there's there's the rotter third denard span is at second belted i to down five two giants with posy of the play kale come sat now now the one one pitch clothes he pulls it foul right by phil neville and the giants third base coach wanted to and that by by bustards standards was not a real wellbalanced swaying deal adam little offbalance now buster who is a hitter some guys just won't do it but busters definitely iteru as a to strike approach is not in this instance we've seen him at times is your choke up on the bad he's not doing it here wanted to the pitch is way outside it against by sanchez it's going to go the backstop working fernando's world promenade this story giants will take it a very wild pitch it's 62 giants victor sanchez not known for great defensive ability but still that one would have challenged anybody and it was just sort of a a hope play for hector he tried to get the body over and could do it so now i faces open second and third belted second span at third on a wild pitch to a two two buster posey's with two down tale throws posy takes high and.

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