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Department of public safety will pull the very same self quarantine procedures in the pre existing border people flying in from California Washington state Detroit Chicago Miami and Atlanta also after registering quarantine meantime the governor says the Texas National Guard identifying places in the state that can be used for temporary hospitals in colluding here in Austin Robert would use radio kale BJ there are now two hundred cases of coronavirus in Austin and Travis county and now two deaths tied to corona virus reported in the Austin area the first report coming out of Travis county late last week officials say woman above the age of seventy and with significant health issues passed away in Williamson County a man in his seventies has also died thirty seven cases reported in Williamson County as of today sixteen cases in Hays county Bastrop county has three and in Caldwell county health officials say there is now one confirmation Austin's mayor still doesn't think enough is being done to limit physical contact mayor Steve rather believe Austin Travis county will hit the peak of covert nineteen outbreak after April thirteenth which is when the local stay home order expires he tells CBS often the only way to slow down the spread is to stop people from traveling many of the governor will step in to make that happen there have been a statewide while shelter in place or something that restricted physical interactions council could still vote to extend that local shelter order and the Austin school board will get an update tonight on covert nineteen printer Dr Paul Cruz says they've been working on ways to keep kids educated as the district has shut down schools at least until early April to help prevent the spread of the virus teachers our principals campus.

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