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Was magazine of the n. Double acp that's amazing and I mean you mentioned really really early magazine by a black american with these magazines. Campaigning magazines quilliam. Lloyd garrison tried to change the world when he published a liberator. Because at that time there was a there was a. There was a big controversy of whether the african american should be simply Freed or just be separate. So there was the colonization is to wanted to send them back to liberia. And then there was the abolitionists who believe that they should be freed without qualification. So yes there was a few. There was something called the american anti slavery society at the time and they published a lot of magazines in order to promote their their philosophy they. They became so unpopular in the south. That many legislatures in the south actually tried to subpoena the editors of the magazine and put them put them in trial way to zoom here. I mentioned your urine. You're you're you're in new jersey just behind you. There is a key part of your collection. Wish i'd love to hear more about because it's an extraordinary Project in its own right absolutely well when you collect. You know you get off into tangents where the pulp magazines and there are the black magazines. And they're the first issues. But i became enamored because i'm also a A trustee of the library of the franklin roosevelt franklin roosevelt libraries. I'm very interested in world. War two and world war two history and in nineteen forty. Two The magazine publishers association of america and the united states department of the treasury together to form a campaign called the united we stand campaign and the purpose of it was the sell war bonds just to be clear. All the magazines agree that they were going to create front cover that featured the stars and stripes flag for that one addition that is correct that is correct every view. Show you give me a title out on the wall and show you. It was even comic books. You know like. I've caught with superman and batman and captain america. I it it was every periodical. You can possibly imagine but i have clearly. Some of them might be quite obscure to people. Now that the long lost publications that one doesn't know but but it did include included folk and a lot of big names right. Oh everyone vo carpets bizarre fashion magazines. Gentlemen's quo what was gentlemen's quarterly name. Gentleman's quarterly was a branch of esquire. yes everyone there. They all the major magazines Even even some of the nudist magazines had had had had covers which i find totally amazing america. The world america's only been unified twice in its entire history. One of them was world war. Two and the other one is at nine eleven that it's been a big a big political hassle one way or the other there's always been some degree of division but the unification of of america came about at the onset of world war after pearl harbor or at the onset of world war two was unique and it was a total war effort. It's 'cause magazines come to usually come to a halt. During the civil war. Many magazines came to a halt because there was no people to to man. There's nobody to read them But in world war two it was just a universal war effort and universal participation. everything stopped one. Focus the war and that focus was financed a lot. A lot by what people read magazines and that backlash to four hundred different magazines. That you have is is as strong. Example of of over campaign led by magazine publishers. Absolutely at something that we probably won't see the like of again This state thank you so much for joining us. Just just quickly give us some details up the show if anyone listening happens to new york where they go and how today presumably. They have to book a visit. Sure well first of all. I'll tell you that there are a number of online links to the exhibition. I'm i did a A video tour of the exhibition which will be online shortly on the club's website mecca exhibition of all of the the cases and the slides. The show is on until april twenty fourth the growing at the grolier club which is on park avenue and sixty on sixty street and park avenue. Woman You just have to get online at to a you. Could you can enter by advanced. Right social distancing. What's about eight people in the room at the time but i I got a large enough group. I'll go down there and give a private took. i just love talking about. I can't think so. That's that's exhibition. The grolier has been fantastic. this is. there's no financial motivation in this book. I mean this is. This is a labor of love to promote. What you and i are. Totally enamored with the nets magazines. A fascinating air from a very different air of magazines but one that reminds us whatever else changed tonight industry. Some things remain the same. I can think of. Plenty of current magazines will be used as records of our time in the future off the break Back yeshiva quick. Matt culture update apprentice. Communications say key part in the independent publishing helping him viciously magazine makers turning dreams into reality look at the latest issues of doak seasons and positive news to get an idea of what they can do for your magazine as well as helping you achieve the highest crater standards park fully committed to helping you produce your magazine in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Check the new website for details such part communications. Just like my coach. Communications love magazines and web proudly sponsored..

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