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Village of nocco zadi in sonora mexico the solution to the problem is simple have someone get the bucks car away from the people finding someone to carry out that solution could have proven to be fire more difficult garcia didn't even ask instead he got that car out of town himself these which was filled some ten miles away took the railroad irs life today the community hazo saved is known as knuckles artery garcia and in mexico november seventh is a national holiday of course in no history of successful rescues can be complete without mention of the thirty three miners of chile who were trapped twenty three hundred feet underground after the main ram into the san jose mine collapsed and august fifth twenty ten at first it was assumed the miners were all dead but not so contact was established and attempts were instituted to bring about the rescue all types of heavy equipment were brought in three separate tunnels to the underground captives were started the difficulty it was expected that none of the rescue efforts would be completed until december by august twenty third a borehole to the miners made it possible descend on food and water on september seventeenth one of the pieces of machinery reached the miners sadly the diameter of the chef was only twelve inches that meant a second pass had to be made to widen the whole and i told her ninth more than two months early the reboarded shaft was completed an incredibly narrow rescue capsule designed by the chilean navy and called the phoenix slid down the shaft to begin the laborious process of rain the men up one by one of interest are some of the first words spoken by these men who had figuratively speaking been brought back from the grave when said i have been near gone and i have been near the devil they had a fight in god has one my friends i believe you can understand those comments you understand that because you have spent months cut off at the bottom of a mine you understand because you experienced the evil that is in this world you do not have to be on the evening news or on the paper's front pages to acknowledge the world is not the perfect eden which god intended loneliness like a cold fog can envelop us depression can make his feel is if we are at the bottom of a pit devoid of.

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