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What we put in some of that in the truck more that was a mouthful as driving down to to atlanta and north carolina will sub wanna talk to you awhile just calling in from various into your show every morning getting my cone ice trump shaved ice trucks on the road got a really good experience coach team but i want to share with you but i my wife grew up in rockingham and she her first job was given out the the forms as you walk into the racetrack there and rockingham and tonight my wife will be selling shaved ice at mad house at bowman gray stadium for the small track racing so yeah yeah good taste of area but back in the day i ran a group of nightclubs in south florida called gatsby and we used to host the miami dolphins coaches show so we had to coach wanstead show and then of course coachee came along and dolphin people came to us and we'll who's the radio show here well whatever and he said no coach students a little bit more serious than coach wants that was like okay well we'll be prepared so we get this big table setup close to where the radio studio is in in the nightclub area there was a big billiard hall and sports bar and cigars room and and and all that kind of stuff so i we comes along and this comes up and she says my name's terri saving oh yeah and i ended up getting to know this woman so well over the course of that year and you know they say behind every great coach is gotta be a great woman this lady was unbelievable man just still is yeah and i'm gonna tell you something i said to to my partner time i said you know what i don't think he's going to be around here real long and he's like why is that and i was the one kind of you know dealt with guess that would come on the show and dealt with coach and the coast couldn't be any nicer but he was extremely focused when he he's walking right before and he'd be leaving right after but his whole family would be there and friends and whatnot but i said you know what i don't think terry much like fort lauderdale and i think i think i was pretty accurate on that and you know looking back on it we were blessed to have them there although he didn't stick around and of course the money that that he was offered to take on a great job like alabama but it was interesting to watch that that whole situation with the way she kinda ran the show and what a great woman so i guess my question for the coach was did like living in fort lauderdale coach we have a question that we've pretty sure we know the answer to because we have inside information from the nightclub or used your radio show but misteri like fort lauderdale she's very also from west virginia she's grays wonderful man i love chatting with her and they're no doubt who runs that show jack oh yeah i'm that on the board bub why mentioned that store i wrote about jimbo nick saving latte by just about one year ago about them being from west virginia and and jimbo tells a story about he actually interviewed for the lsu offense coordinator job he went to east lansing because saving was about to leave michigan state and he said he wasn't just interviewed by nick sabin he was interviewed by nick and tears even that's how that went if he was going to get to gig then misteri had to say he gets the gig layton you there yes on your home what are you doing i'm driving to work this morning grabbing now halley nanny going to go on this what to do what now i'm driving gonzales oh gonzalez is that a texas town it is population what i don't even know not big probably probably people i get eight thousand that's good that's good it's asked what do you do that well i gotta go sell bar i gotta go i'm crying for my new job still so i got to meet a guy over here we check check out make sure they got the then when people sell them make sure they sit permit to say sit you know check for ticks do that kind of.

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