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And dana clark wjr traffic first on the fives now from the lafontaine chevrolet weather center showers and thunderstorms will increase from this morning that the afternoon its atlas towards may produce gusty winds with a high of 77 more rain tonight with a low sixty eight then cloudy and warmer tomorrow the high to eighty five degrees from the weather channel i'm meteorologist jeff marr on newstalk seven sixty wjr still sixty eight degrees at seven sixty sixty minutes after seven monday moi morning sixty eight degrees in the a pleasure to welcome to the paul w smith show a woman who's been called dip well one of cranes most influential women back in 2016 a fine brocco of western michigan university and most recently our guest to the president and ceo of the right place in fact for the past 30 years named the 2017 business person of the year at the economic club of grand rapids annual dinner a back in june and happens to be the first woman to receive the annual award since it was created in nineteen eight i'm talking about burkett closed the president and ceo of the right place will first of all congratulations on all your achievements forget about frankie very much part very very appreciate it i love my job i love my job and i love doing it in michigan so it's been a great ride in that matters doesn't it when you look our job you do bettered at your job you do better in the right place on the ear hellmers brought now forty seven billion dollars in corporate investment to west michigan creating forty four thousand new jobs and you want to let legislators who are listening in lansing to know apparently of your support for the good jobs for michigan bill package shaved either the people of no wavering on this it had been stalled in lansing last month tell us why people should go for this route part of you said in your introduction i been during the at the right place for thirty years and my apple appears actually pryatta.

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