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The staff to bortles looking left checks off left up to the right now looking the load throws touchdown alan robinson on the left side of the end zone trump's up with a score robinson bortles belonging to a three yard touchdown fires robinson that makes the catch touchdown jacksonville play fake photos rolls to the right fires at the end zone he's got a now robinson but the reception jackson parts of the back of the end zone did he get it in their caught a touchdown why alan robinson he tapped is in the back of the end zone and the jags are on the board the bears new wide receiver three one two three three two three seven seven six if you wanna talk about how the bears improve themselves but it was a great day for the bears you do what you can do in free agency and you supplement in the way you build a team is through the draft and that's going to be very very important to have a big draft four ryan pace but i wanted allen robinson we're focusing in on free agency because that's all we have right now yeah so in free agency they address some significant needs with two guys who are widely believed to be the best options at those positions hopefully he is all that they dream he can be we've talked about this for weeks leading.

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