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Four to Klasky tart in June Taylor not practicing two days in a row not practicing in advance of Sunday's game against the rams for the Niners by person guards limited and practice Richard Sherman and K. one Williams for the second day in a row both full goes in practice they are tracking in a positive direction for being able to play on Saturday Richard Sherman saying that he felt no tweaks in his hamstring in today's practice that qualifies is very good news for the injured Niners secondary uses coming in we were talking about a little while ago Jack's firing Tom Coughlin as the head of their front office Khan said that he was thinking about making this movie at the end of the season he thought about making this movie earlier but it seems as though the the NFL Players Association filing a grievance against the Jaguars for improper finds Jaguars players seem to accelerate to the firing of Tom Coughlin warriors in action tonight trying to get when number six on the season they take on the Blazers in Portland looking forward to talking to athletic major domo Tim Kawakami in just a bit closer have passed headlights see now back at GKB to integrate Robbie today it's Marcus Thompson from the athletic on KNBR one oh four five eight six eight weeks for two weeks I mean does it right out of the Gaza concern at all you know it's it's good to get get things you know sharper and get you know wake up call and get out there and experience but I think guys were great guys got excuse you know work for a play away I have you know tip all the way up for him well communication away from one game so guys aren't point down dumps about these last games got understand level can play and we just need to clean they still have a very clear philosophy on how they handle things it's still very obvious what they're not obvious what they're trying to do but it's obvious from a full of philosophical standpoint they're still predicated on the run I know they have had some success but they're still going to try to run the football other still gonna try to blow the top of the coverage and still take their shots and they're still gonna try to play efficient drop by football so it's very clear what they try to do and it's gonna be it's always a challenge when you plan Richard Sherman and Niners defensive coordinator Robert Sala was the voices you heard there what works for Chris Thompson on the sports leader.

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