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Of the hour at 735 actually see a fifteen minutes to get down on that game five and a half the total san jose at home against the calgary flames end the bowl picture is a we had the military ball this the navy marine corps memorial stadium in annapolis forty nine to seven navy dismantling virginia as eddie said of virginia running back the opening kickoff and that it was all naval academy after that and they went through a couple quarterbacks at be actually ended up with five touchdowns and the answer that actually replaced him in the middle of the year had a touchdown or to before he ended up going out so uh the great effort by cananea milos group they're are modest two and a half and when it forty 97 gain sales over the fifty and a half now i i didn't check it on checking right now but i would have liked to a scene one of those one or more of the sports books put up a prop overunder number of passes attempted by navy the first novel b one half one and a half to an app or more right i know that as of halfthai with ira okay 'cause i would say for the game two was wanted to allah unless of someone other than abby who had the show him as over one of the other car that's probably it be they didn't have to because they were just running at will i mean virginia's defense could not stop it and it they dropped virginia dropped a bunch of passes on baker but still even if they make all those perceptions they're still getting pummelled it's just that outstanding effort by needy and of course bronco mendon hall tried he's the one that he recommended kenny need me about low who played football i've byu and are actually hawaii uh i think coach did constituting why you years and assist.

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