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A change and i know i mean i feel like with slack line. We could do better. And it's it's it's sort of. How do you attract the people the full range of people that you could be working with and you know there might be men who say well. You're only working with women. Well that's not exactly true but because the numbers are still statistically pretty poor for women in certain theatre jobs you know. I just kind of want to bring that to the forefront front but i do think there are issues with class when it comes to theater where it really challenging to go to drama school because it's very expensive so working class people really are saying where are stories. And how am. I supposed to go to drama school. And so there's that issue. I mean there is the issue of just of cultural and ethnic diversity that i think again people are getting better about but i think we have a long way still to go and if we're not offering opportunities maybe Maybe for for different class different race different. You know that there needs to be opportunities there. And i think they're happening and hopefully again because things have changed a bit even through lockdown hopefully this will mean more opportunities exist and yeah it's not quite dinosaur that it once was it's called out reset point the whole industries will miss been on its knees so it's like right if we're gonna survive. We're going to have to change around anyway. We're not even about some roden for awhile. Now do this. We've got the opportunity we have stops. Let's restart which which is a negative thing on the face of it's actually very positive is a bit like we were saying before. He's massive opportunity. But i think in this case in particular the industry really just just faults simple as our.

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