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The city of Seattle is reaching out to older adults in support of housing in order to get them vaccinated. Here's comes today's Whitaker instead of trying to get older satellites transported to a vaccination clinic. The city is now taking the clinic directly to them. With the help of some public and private partners, Fire Department mobile vaccination teams formed in partnership with the Service Employees International Union are doing all of these vaccinations. Right now. Seattle's got 1400 doses of the modern A vaccine. They've got another 1000 doses coming next week Does number one's going into the arms of seniors and caregivers right now through Sunday with a pop up clinic. Then does number two completed by February. 21st theme team started their work last week. So far, they've reached more than 500 residents and workers at 72 adult family homes. Part of the push with this effort is reaching minority union members as well. The union says home care workers in Seattle are disproportionately black people of color and limited English speakers who don't really have a common worksite. They're just fanning out to all of these homes. That's Carlos Denise Whitaker. State has reported 125 new deaths from covert 19 since early this week, pushing the death toll in our state past 4000 and is counted like King move forward with massive vaccination events kill most, Ryan Calvert tells us one county is running low on the vaccine. Already. Snohomish County has three major vaccination sites in every Glenwood and Monroe. And there's a combined potential to vaccinate 30,000 people a week, but there's an issue. One of those sites has been closed since Tuesday, and the other two have stopped taking appointments because the county is running low on vaccine. State health Secretary Umair Shah on the reality is that we do not have enough vaccine supply that's coming into the state, so we're doing everything we can behind the scenes to move or or transition or support. Vaccination efforts that air throughout the stating there was no talk of more vaccine for Snohomish County until at least next week. Snohomish County Executive Dave Summers says it's frustrating that the county had three sites ready to go, but not enough vaccine to operate at full capacity. Ryan Calvert Co. Moughniyah next Return to the open primary. I'm Corwin hates some voters don't like checking Democrat or Republican traffic..

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