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The kominsky method on net flicks watch big mouth iconography doormat. It's currently dormant. But we're we're we're trying to chef up some stuff. Yeah come on. Wasn't all episodes. Yeah their evergreen evergreen content next week we're finally doing it. Kicking things into gear for the first time ever the history blank check. We are covering a fast and furious movie. Two fast two furious with john gabor's threat tune in for that. I'm really happy for you griffin. It's a it's a big day. It's going to be a big fucking day and also we could not have timed this out better and we didn't know because the movies gotten fucking punted a bunch of times on the release schedule but our episode now coming out like four days before fast nine comes out. Are you seeing fast nine in theaters. I oh i'm currently investigating the rates to rent out a private screen. And how many people i could invent so i could just see fast and furious nine with mi familia most the people. I have not seen fifteen months. Oh my god. I m wishing you nothing but but walk enjoy. I look i want. I'm trying to be realistic about this. But my expectations currently are that it needs to be the single greatest day of my life. And if it is and i will be rushed. That's that sign here putting everything on the idea of seeing this movie with my friends but thank you all for listening. please remember to rate review and subscribe. Thanks you to marie. Bharti for our social media. Thank you to lay montgomery and the great american novel for themes on pat reynolds and joe bowen. Four hour art work. Jj birsh and nick. Laureano thank you and asia akin and alex barron for our editing assistance and you can go to blankets. I read the conference a real nerdy shit and go to a public page for ora shop. Page both for some real nerdy Merch and as always trying to think of another shrek quote then okay and taste and is all not not begun. Drop buttons to..

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