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What are you doing rich? I was just telling everyone how great you are. Texting and driving makes good people look bad. Visit stoptextsstopwrecks dot org. A public service announcement brought to you by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Ad Council. Sel network of graduates is a very strong one. They're well educated, they're curious. And they're lifelong learners NJIT, New Jersey institute of technology. Learn more at storiesofinnovation dot NJIT dot EDU. Every day one hundred forty nine thousand CFA charter holders worldwide demonstrate that they measure up to the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct in investment management, CFA instituted. Let's measure up. Get started at lex measure up dot org. Columbia Bank, where mortgages are made easy count on Columbia, buying a home. Requires some hard decisions basement garage in Los quarterly when choosing a mortgage, Columbia bake makes it easy with twenty four hour pre approvals wait rates and a guaranteed sixty eight close, you'll be packing to three or four bedrooms Indo until the time comes to decide on your first phone fixer upper with a whole your dream, Johnny Columbia Bank for mortgages eight easy later today, fixed income demands more than a fixed approach. That means staying ahead of ever changing markets, making the most traditional strategies, but also looking beyond them, not just finding opportunities for investors, but creating them we didn't. Invent fixed incomes, but we reinvent it every day. Pimco all investments contain risk, and they lose value. Investing in the bond market is subject to risks consult your investment professional prior to making an investment decision. This is Bloomberg daybreak Asia. It is forty five minutes past the hour..

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