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Second World War in Europe however it did continue for three more months in Asia global news twenty four hours a day on a and QuickTake by Bloomberg powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts symbol the one hundred and twenty countries IBM Karen's this is Bloomberg negra thank you so much now would you want a sporty is Joe Wilson price ten chief executive Paul Paul the remains opposed to the idea of the premier league being financed at neutral venues is a list of the top flight's has told these clubs that playing the remainder of the current season out between eight and ten locations is the only way you can be completed Obama says it will be too much of a disadvantage cystic you know there is a clear advantage from the only home venue both with and without discussions on the next stage of the premier league's project to results will continue on Monday England captain Joe root's he's very optimistic test cricket will be played they submit even if the site has to go into a nine week warranty PCV waking on a variety of models that would see gain stage behind closed doors Manchester city striker Sergio Aguero will make his Formula One east coast of Ewing Sunday's vigil racing balls the lotus pond occurring Dr Alex I'll bomb in the Red Bull general so that with the support coming up on Bloomberg daybreak Europe we took the step of money a CIO at Lombard Odier talking about what the U. S. jobless figures could mean Vera yes and the market is set up risk going ahead of the U. S. futures on European equities in the green U. K. markets closed for the bank holiday this is bring back hi everyone out this moment of gratitude is brought to you by rocket mortgage in the rock family of companies we really want to thank my wife's cousin Marie who works so hard as a nurse saving others those who leave their homes to keep us safe in ours thank.

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