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But we know that now. Fbi's admitted that basically But this is yeah. you're right. This is a total setup. This is this setup touched by furniture. And then they'll be. You know what we're gonna we're gonna have to regulate a born and government at hand in hand are which they're doing it already now be out in the open it legitimate and you'll get the people cheered on. Yeah so i'll talk a little bit about that because your your predictions are really close to. What's actually happening right now. So me i read. You know some people. I don't pay attention to cnn or anything like that. That that's what some people say. I re- both sides of the story. So i can get strength. The facts way. Who's doing what who's pushing propaganda. Things of that nature and this is exactly what's going on so just to give you a short recap away happened so yesterday. Facebook had a worldwide outage a quote unquote dns attack. That's basically where the entire system goes down and it wasn't just facebook facebook messenger which is still tied to facebook but it's considered separate own app thing on instagram which is owned by facebook whatsapp which is also owned by facebook. Those are all went down all pretty much simultaneously now. I like the coincidence behind all this. Because yes there. Is that whistle. Barbara lebron james like francis or something like that and she was actually trying to get these documents for a while so all began like around like april or may of twenty one of twenty twenty one of this year and she was reading all these documents and she started collecting thousands of pages of documents about like the inner workings of facebook and then her identity wasn't revealed and this information was being pushed around like you know for my understanding like Certain officials and then all of a sudden they came clear as of yesterday where the announcement of who she was as there was announced and this information was actually pushed all over facebook all over.

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