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We develop educational pieces for physicians, and I obviously drew it in labeled it, but you send it off to medical illustrator, who formats for the PDF or whatever, and cholesterol cholesterol, and they make mistakes. Even though I sent in the picture where it was property label, of course, had a heart attack the first time, so and we've since changed that. But somehow Peter got a whole of an older version or something, probably even I sent out and didn't recognize initially. Yeah, so it is cholesterol. Is there anything that's a stereotype becomes a y. l. so you'll see lipids. This discussion illustrates one of the challenges of lipid. Allah g which is I find this to be certainly among the two or three most complicated subject matters of ever tried to master again. No one masters, anything in life. I mean, that's sort of the beauty of this. You haven't mastered this, but this journey of trying to learn it. I am constantly humbled by. How hard it is. It's just so goddamn complicated well much true, especially wanna take it to the nth degree, but you need to invest yourself in some degree of education to at least be competent in today's a world associate socio have to know some of this stuff. Well, unless you have to be willing to learn some of this chemistry. I mean, you have to steep yourself in biochemistry and understand the 'cause the significance becomes enormous one double bond in one of these things completely changes its properties and not to say that that's not true in general in biochemistry, but it's much easier to talk about blood pressure or to talk about elevated levels of uric acid or insulin or glucose without getting into that level of Manusha. It is not possible to discuss lipids without that that is the problem with a lot of people are spouting off on the internet now swear, but always Disney just have on the understanding complexity of how this all works. And fits together and why. What you just said is wrong because there's going on still commensurately that you haven't even considered or so to finish the sterile. So a steroid is a starlets. Another Kito group stuck on it. Some place, look at all hormone. Double bomb, went jn attach, but a stand all is you take and let's take cholesterol as a stand, all our star all, and remember cholesterol at the third carbons and OH group. There's a double bond at carbon five to six and I rang. And then there's that tale carbon seventeen. If I separate it cholesterol, the double bond, see five and six disappears that's called colest- Gan all it's a STAN. All a stand all, essentially saturated. Storrow changes. The characteristics of that Ma cholesterol. Free cholesterol can be readily.

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Peter, Colest- Gan, Disney discussed on The Peter Attia Drive

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