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It can happen. You can clap you can dance I think people stopped with their feet neck. The thing. I mean, it is definitely a tribute to the music just as much as it is a tribute to Freddie, Mercury and Queen as a band, it is it's the bio-pic stars Remmy Malik from mister robot as pretty burglary. And I do think kept trying to bring this screen for a while trying to originally had Sasha baron Cohen gonna play the role, and then I have been wish who's gonna play the world ended up with with Malik. And he does a fantastic job really becoming, Freddie. Mercury. And you know, I I don't even think there's just made for the Queen fan. I think this is made for you know, anyone who casually knows the music, which is pretty much everybody. I mean, they have such such a comic songs such Connex. Sounds and the the thing I really enjoyed about. This is it doesn't feel like it's just a cookie cutter bio-pic. And I mean, you can say they they left us out or they left that out or they. Should have focused more on this or that? But I think it's actually it it works because it there is a freshness to it. That's interesting because the music's forty years old. So that there's a freshness to it. That's an unbelievable thing. Well, with the music is is kind of how got developed and how that's the thing. I find it's they spent a lot of time on, and that's that's I think important because the music was so different. Absolutely. I mean, you hear Queen come on. Whether it's fat bottomed girls. Are you know? I mean, pick your song killer Queen all of it. You know immediately. That's the band. Absolutely. Yeah. They were they were like they were the Monty python of music where by being undefinable, they became definable. There you go. There you go. So that's going to be the big one probably, but there's some other ones out there. What do you know about the nutcracker in the four realms? Well, this is a sort of a reimagining of the nutcracker story. It's sort of the kind of like a soft sequel to it where the daughter of the character who was originally in the the the the ballet that story and she's brought into this fantasy world where. Where she has to help. Try and save the land from an outside threat. That's very opulent. It's very beautifully done did drips and Christmas. So I mean, we went boy we just gave her thanksgiving amiss and went straight from Halloween to Christmas on this one. And it is it's a beautiful looking movie kind of just a fairy tale adventure not heavily plotted and and a little bit predictable. But still I thought it was kind of enjoyable for the holiday season. Well, there's nothing wrong with that. I mean, sometimes you need a little escape and just kind of park the brain and enjoy and if it's opulent, and as you say drips in Christmas, that's what people want a lot of them. Sometimes. Yeah, we'll see how long this lasts if he can make a pass thanksgiving to get into the Christmas season. Yeah. I gotcha. Beautiful. Boy, that's out this weekend, isn't it? Yep. It star Steve Carell and a true story about a guy trying to help his son was substance abuse based on the memoirs of the father and the son. Timothy shallow may plays the son. I I wouldn't I wouldn't call this movie. A entertaining. The movie because it's very heavy. And it's and it's a tough to watch. Sometimes. But it what it does is it shows the realistic struggle that people go through no matter how much you want to help an addict, you gotta have the addict, helping immer self, and there's a lot of slipping and recovery that happens where have relapses and stuff, and it shows the frustration and helplessness helplessness of the people trying to help the person, I wonder if you know just time wise with, you know, all the opioid issues we have in the country, and you know, marijuana being legalized seemingly always either medicinal or recreational. I mean cannon all that's up. You just wonder maybe the time is right for movie like this. I think so I think much more about sort of like the opioid addiction and the Mesic dish the issues that are happening in this country. I think that's what it's really focusing on it because it doesn't reach real people. And and happened. I mean, there's you know, this stuff happens down the road from me, quite literally no matter where you live. No doubt. Kev. Have a great weekend. Appreciate it much. That's Kevin car followed. Oh him at fat guys at the movies dot.

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