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W G. M. This is Chicago's afternoon news at 409 on this rather dreary Monday afternoon. Thanks so much for joining us, it's John Hanson. I'm filling in for Steve Bertrand will take you right up till seven o'clock and we got a pretty packed show today. Just a little bit. We're gonna be talking with Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi. He wants to raise taxes on the cigarettes here in Illinois. We already pay 15%. If you're an e cigarette smoker, he wants a federal tax on top of that to stop teenagers or at least help prevent teenagers from taking up these cigarettes. He joins us in just a little bit to chat about that. We got the courthouse reopening, chatting with Sean Lewis and just a little bit. And then I mentioned that dreary weather. We got Chief Meteorologist for News Nation, Albert Ramon. He'll Hoppus on or he'll hop on and tell us when that might that pattern at least may break but I want to say hello to everyone. Mr Kevin Powell. How are you doing, my friend Busy sports Day, Especially on the ice. Yes, very. Over the past few days. We have heard some rumors. Some reports that this deal was in the works, and now it appears to be done. Duncan Keith and also Blackhawks. Great, Of course, a huge piece to the three Stanley Cup winning recent Hawks teams adult to the Edmonton Oilers. It's It's not been made Official yet by the Blackhawks are the Oilers, but Multiple outlets reporting that Duncan Keith after 16 seasons with the Hawks is headed to Edmondson. In return free up younger should say Prospect he's played in the league, but the defenseman Caleb Jones, and a third round draft pick. Also a big part of that deal is Edmonton. Taking the rest of Duncan Keith salary, which is roughly $5 million off the cap this year, So that gives Stan Bowman a little bit more flexibility in what should be an already busy off season for the Hawks. I can't imagine that number two not going up in the rafters at some point. I mean, unbelievable When you look at his numbers and look, I think Duncan Keith over the past couple years has still been good. He's still been a very good defenseman. It's 37, though, and to ask him to tell his 27 28 minutes a night. There's probably a bit much Um you do it, though he would do it without? Yeah, Yes and only 27 tonight, Coach? Sure. But you look back at him in his prime. When when he was paired with Brent Seabrook. Uh, Duncan. Keith was absolutely everything you could want in hockey player. I mean, he was shutdown defenseman. Two way defenseman as well. So just an unbelievable career with the Hawks again, not official just yet, But it seems to be just a just about a done deal. We'll break that down a little bit later on home Run Derby Tonight. You get excited for the home run Derby, John. No, no, not, you know, Ever since it became guys hitting 30 and I don't know I like to. I sound like an old grumpy man. But I did the old days when they hit the 515 ft. Juiced up on steroids in the nineties, hitting it out of Miller Park. It isn't Denver, so expect the ball. Flying out tonight. So I think the story of your starting pitcher. Also being your leadoff hitter is something crazy probably didn't deserve it with the numbers he has. But Shohei Otani of the Angels, the two way star, which he is having an incredible you probably could have made a case for Carlos are down at the White Sox to get that nod, But Lynn maybe or Lance Lynn, one of those two guys, but show your town is just such a big story this year, kind of made sense. Kind of cool. It's kind of cool. Hey, Lauren Napkin. What was that number that they're going to call me out again? If I won a million dollars? Let me grab that for you. It's very important. You don't want to miss its 31281435 to 4 and they will or they will email you so and ER or check the spam folder d ph dot communications at Illinois dug up. I trust me. I've been like refreshing my email that I never look at in Gmail. This isn't like some terrible radio station promote where they've got to be listening. Answer. When they call and say Did I won the vaccine lottery? I will say they'll they'll give you seven days to get back to them, and they'll continue to try and reach out. But, hey, don't miss that call. I know $100,000 is nothing compared to the Million Dollar prize given out last Thursday, but that's still a good chunk of change. So I mean, I take it. I'm not even kidding. I have a 312 number calling me right now. But it is not the rest of your family, You know? So just your standard, You know, my car warranty expired. Just answer it here. Live on the air. John, who knows? Answer and be like, Hey. I need this line clear for the vaccine. Well, what happens if we call this number now? I don't want to do that live on the program. But can you put in a good word? I don't know. Like, really Get ahead on it. How about me? You know, Has anyone thought to call the number instead? Just let you guys know I'm available. If you want to call this number back any good news for me? Exactly. And Mary Vandeveld. I wanted to bring you in on here because I heard your conversation with Lisa Dent. About Airbnb and your husband's, uh, if you weren't listening, he doesn't want to stay at a bed and breakfast because he feels like people have died in the homes talking like an old house, right? Because a lot of bed and breakfast or old houses and he doesn't know what happens in hotel rooms. Right? Like, well, yeah, he He loves hotels loves them. I don't get it at all, because I love the ambience of an old house. You know the whole thing and breakfast if they make it for you, and I love that, but We can't go because he just doesn't want to. And some of the beds are really high, You know, And then he really boy, he is particular. It's just funny because he is kind of short. But, you know, I just think like a dead guy in the bed. That's I mean, okay, fine. There's worse things that I could think of it. You know, whatever you know, Just turn off your brain when you're laying, you know, it's been a while. It was like 20 years ago, so maybe he's changed his ways. But we haven't tried it since 4 14..

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