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Oh trust sceptical view of wire things happening of as they are gives a very kind of new insight into problem solving and when you put that together with a very practical kind of common sense approach you i found that you you you can really get new ideas out and really uh in ways that you you wouldn't have normally thought about it before now i'm not calling him conspiratorial by any means but there was something from the recent history in serbia that has kind of fed into that that helps solve problems in a really clever unique way dude are now in downtown at belgrade in the central belgrade of the high school of electrical engineering nikola tesla and it's quite famous school has 1800s students which makes it one of the biggest if not the biggest in the balkans and it's also the school that was attended by millis minutes after you've h he is the founder of stronger entity behind the strawberry bench that we were talking about just a few minutes ago now we have another nikola here not has left but nikola christchurch 18yearold student he's made headlines as a student of the school and we're up here in the engineering and information technology section where you have invented your own haptic glove like a wearable device would blind people that helps them effectively c three touch say tell me what that it gives them so you you there where has it on their hand there're a blind where and they can get haptic feet but the most important function analogy of the glow is though he gatien into a violent play.

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