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Welcome to a special episode of f t politics i'm sebastian on my hit discussed the jew of as ignatius of david davis and boris johnson and all the cabinet chaos citizen sued over the past couple of days i'm joined by george parker the f t political editor lower hughes all political correspondent about shrimps are uk political commentator to unravel what happened george let's begin with what happened on sunday evening on monday night david dave's decided after many threatened attempts he was going to walk away he handed in his resignation letter and then boase jones decided he would do the same thing yes that's why in wayne downing street expected deedee and post johnson's resign the checkers meeting about make contingency plans in the briefings that those were the two that they were watching and there was an expectation they might go the fact they didn't resign on the night checkers led to a feeling down the street that they were through it and those being someone in the matan on sunday hussein while we try to avoid triumphalism here they really thought they cracked and this week would be sort of march of triumph theresa may with adoration of the tory party house commons and of course it didn't turn out like that i think probably it was question of david apes and boris johnson considering what they degree to at chequers first of all a second thing this of ever more cynical interpretation i think they thought if they resigned late on friday night at chequers their resignations would have been completely overshadowed by england's world cup quarter final match against sweden and you have to give credit where credit's due they certainly create more of an impact by residing on monday just before theresa may came to the house of commons let's just look at them individually david davis design essentially because he said he didn't like the compromises that will he was being asked to make but as being a sense going for quite some time george that he's actually been cut out the brexit process in a while and his concerns and reservations weren't being listened to by downing cheats essentially he looked well what's the point of hanging around yeah i mean his position was absolutely intolerable i can't blame david davis for resigning he was supposed to be in charge of the negotiations but he was cut out of a the negotiations which have been conducted by trees amaze top official ali robbins and be from formulating policy because that was being done in number ten by all europeans and in the end he was just being treated as a so political salesman being handed a script to read out by downing street which she didn't agree with his concerns were overruled and he's being asked this week go out around europe on a tour selling a policy that he'd frankly didn't agree with an uneven being consulted on shinn's did you think david davis was right to resign yes i do actually i think he didn't believe in the police of the government and as george said he was one of the.

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