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There are best bags yet. And they cost less than glad force flex were sold head to head. So you'll be happy Abby hefty ultra-strong with Armand hammer odor control available at Sam's Club. Seven hundred twenty WGN or talking about the mayoral election and alderman elections with Heather Cerrone of the daily line dot net apparently from block club, Chicago hanging out 'cause we all know each other from our tastes and fell union, and you like the views, Patty. So you're gonna incredible Heather remind people we just had a texter where can people go? For more information mentioned the site about were all this information as shy dot votes. C H I V O T E, and I'll make a plug for the Alder cast, which is the daily lines podcast. We interviewed five mayoral candidates and all of the candidates for treasurer. Which is also a contested race this time around cool stuff. Let's go to the phone lines. Paul Paul your WGN. What are your thoughts? Hey, thanks for the call. So years thinking, lemon does the thing is that you recall, she ran for the state office, and then found out that they were Tennessee taping for the mayor's office commercial. And I think trust issue with her because she was not truthful with the voting public at the time that she actually wasn't wanting to be treasurer of Illinois. That'd be Chicago. But I watch your commercials. I think to myself, I don't know that was very politically. And I don't like it. The other voters feel the same. So it's certainly an issue. She had a really tight turnaround because she was re elected comptroller, November six then then eight days later announced she was running for Chicago mayor which we already sort of new, and what Paul was referring to was that she when she taped a commercial for her controller raunchy also taped, I'm running for mayor of Chicago commercial killing two birds with one stone and that leaked as these things do see that didn't bother me at all. What is she supposed to do? She wants to be the mayor the mayor elections coming up. She doesn't know the mayor Rahm emanuel's not gonna run to what September fifth third hat in the ring. Legit. That's part of what I'm weighing for my vote is who had the guts to run before they knew Ron wasn't running. But here's the thing is why struggle. I mean, like, what are you gonna do put the Democratic Party in a struggle? Not after name a new was past the point in which a ballot. So it's passed to name a new person. And there was always the possibility that governor Bruce rounder would have been reelected and as contra. Miller. She was one of the more high ranking democratic state officials, and she had said that if governor Rauner had defeated now governor Jay Pritzker, she would have not run for Chicago mayor would have stayed to oppose Bruce rounders policies and programs. So there's no doubt that she was in a tough spot. But again, I think you're right John nobody expected Rahm Emanuel not to actually run for a third term. So that really sent sort of just a political earthquake across city hall because everybody had to figure figure that these open seats only come around a couple times. If I'm going to take my shot, I need to my shot. Now, personally, it's politics in these are career politicians a lot of them that we're talking about it. We don't like to think about them like that. And they also some of them don't pitch themselves. Right. Like that. So they pitched themselves one way. And then you find out. Oh, actually, you're not just like the rest, and that means we've had two rounds of her soccer. Add the seven seven three seven three says one hundred percent with the last caller Mendoza and Patty feeling the same way. Another text asking about Edberg that's gonna be one of the big questions, obviously Edberg's running under. This giant cloud. That cloud would be an understatement. A hurricane of accusations and indictments etcetera etcetera. Well, he hasn't been indicted with attempted extortion. He has said he is innocent. He is not formerly entered a plea yet. Right. So the big thing is will he I think he's going to get the most percentage of the votes. I think a lot of people feel that way. But we'll he get fifty percent. Because remember in these all the Mana graces if you don't give it to present there's going to be a runoff. That's right. So he faces two challengers both of them have roots in chewy Garcia's political organization, the narrow congressman Tanya Patino has chewing Garcia's endorsement also running is Hymie Guzman who's actually been endorsed by the Chicago Tribune. And the question is does Ed Burke pull enough votes from that well of fifty years of goodwill to get himself into, you know, office for another four-year term. He was heading out the beanies he was handing out the beanie. But that's that's what politics is at the automatic level. He has the most money of any alderman running now. So he's got the money to go out. He's been campaigning super heart. Let's kiss ward. Like, just curious. So it was once mostly Irish and polish. It is now primarily Latino and Ed Burke himself will tell you that he learned how to speak Spanish and to address the needs of his changing more Tanya Patino, and Honey Guzman has says says his time has passed. It's time for new leadership. Let's go to Kathy Kathy, you're on seven twenty your thoughts. Hi, well, back to the Mendoza thing. Preckwinkle get the same thing. He ran for office at the same time knowing she was going to run for mayor. And when interviewed every time she was asked. She said no ran for office at the same time. Yeah. Happened. To the ideas. He's running for mayor to old days. Go ahead. I'm sorry in the old days. I have to tell you. It was a question of ethics. No one ran for office, and then turned around and ran for another office because of the ethics of it run for office to serve the people, Kathy. Unfortunately, we gotta get gone. Got White Sox baseball coming up. Appreciate the point. I don't know of quoting ethics and the old days is anything good to start with but any merit to what Cathy's sane Heather. I mean, there are there are some similarities in the circumstances. Short Cook County board, president Toni preckwinkle ran for a second term. She won the democratic nomination. She was unopposed in the November general election. And if she is she does win in Chicago, Chicago mayor she will be replaced first by the board of commissioners, and then with a special election. I'd remind us Heather where can people find out? All this information. There's the daily line dot net and shy vote. Shied votes. H I dot V OT up. How do we convince yet who to vote for if you figured it out or you're still you don't know who love? More confused than. I think a lot of people out there the same way three hundred ninety one seventy two hundred if you got any thoughts on the matter. We're going to take a commercial break, then we're going to be off to White Sox baseball here on the mothership. And then that's going to be more me in John Hansen for John Williams until three o'clock here.

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