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If you believe that the weather can be predicted using Pennsylvania, Dutch superstitions and a giant rodent that in no way, shape or form wants to participate in this exercise. The ground outside shadow today, and, uh, I mean, we get six more weeks. Of winter. Road Hog day. What's the tawny? Phil? Where you go? If you're saying Don't drive angry, don't drive angry. I'm saying just that that that rat does not want to be a part of it. It never looks excited to be grabbed out of that hole and then held up like, uh, Like Simba in the Lion King to a bunch of mouth breathers going on. Look at that giant red saw its shadow. What are you hearing tradition. This is this has to be one of the weirder American traditions. Oh, without a doubt without a crazy animal sees it's shadow. Then what? More more more winter? Three more weeks of winter? Is that what it is? 66 more weeks? And here in California, like, you know, I think we've already had our coldest weather yesterday to me Felt like you know, Spring is right around the corner. So Yeah. You can make all the people back there. Mad going home, man. We're gonna have six more weeks of 58 degree that socks Damn Hey, where they're gonna be so nice this weekend, Dave Fleming thinking about going out and purchasing the supplies to make himself an outdoor television viewing spot in, uh, in his backyard. So, uh, anybody shorts and go for a bike ride here. One that saw.

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