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Of the season. Yeah. I don't know though. I mean, it is what it is, right? I think you had the chiefs that kind of three quarter speed. They're just kind of trying to stay ahead enough in order to keep the hopes of the number one seat alive and like I did not see a notable remember when Hugh Jackson was fired and then the browns just went absolutely hair on fire with Greg Williams and Freddie kitchens calling the plays. I don't think this was that. I didn't get that. The Broncos played the way that they played all year, but Russell Wilson ran for some touchdowns. And they got a red zone pick and they got, again, the muffed punt turnover to set up a touchdown. That was a great one. By the way. It was. They're a good defense. They got good players. Jaguars, Texans. All right, so the Jaguars get it set up for the AFC south title game with the Titans next week. Not a whole lot to get into for this one. You know, Trevor Lawrence had the toe injury coming in and just didn't really have to do a whole lot because the Texans offensively did not do anything. And then the run game had a real big day for the Jaguars here. Everyone scored stupid Connor scored. Michael hasty scored. Travis Etienne had a 62 yard touchdown run. Good day for the Jaguars. This was sort of the, I mean, we've had a couple home run plays, but not nearly as many as I would have thought out of Travis Etienne this year, but this was the first time where I think we saw what that can do to an opposing defense 'cause he's just so fast and when he gets second level, he's just absolutely gone. And I love the fact that I mean, again, home run run plays are not something you manufacture the things that just sort of happened. But if you can, if we can start to build that confidence, like if he breaks one more tackle, I think he is someone who can be a legitimate playoff altering presence. I really do. I think this run game can be really special. If hasty at the goal line, I really do think that this is something that could change. I'm much more afraid of Jacksonville in the AFC like sneaking in as that dangerous team than the packers sneaking in at the bottom of the NFC. Yeah. I agree. Rams, chargers. So the rams come back down to earth a little bit in this one. The thing that if you didn't watch this game and you're looking at the box score numbers, you're pumping out blown away by what the Chargers did offensively. Obviously they ran the ball really well, and that's all good, awesome Eckler continues to be very good. That passing game. It's starting to move its way upfield. It's starting to look like what it should look like when you have Justin Herbert's quarterback. Obviously, Mike Williams and Keenan Allen being back in healthy has a lot to do with that. But this looks like it is trending up and very quickly up for the Chargers. Yeah, I liked a lot of the things that they did today. I thought their back, you know, being able to manufacture touches for players. I thought got better than I've seen it in the last few weeks. I thought the offensive line play doh okay and I thought the way that they were able to test deep test often test early. I just think that's a good precedent to set for Justin Herbert, where it's kind of mahomes eating the fact that it's like, hey, this guy's got a rocket. We're just gonna show it off on the first or the second drive and just remind you that we can do this at any time if we so choose and we have a very good deep threat. And worst case scenario, he's probably pretty good at drawing a pass interference out of this. So I love the combination of all those things and then plus when you have Eckler just such an underrated weapon really is. Bears lions. Some wines take care of business and the bears look perfectly happy to clinch that number two pick in the draft. But yeah, for the Lions, big day for the offense, they give up some Justin Fields moments on defense, but again, just a nice team here. And if they beat the packers next week and the rams knock off the Seahawks, they would go to the playoffs. I am very happy for the lines. I really hope it happens. I wonder if you're the bears what you do here. This is gonna sound like wildly contrarian and inappropriate, but are you are you locked in with fields next year? Are you ready to go? Yeah, I think so. And I think the question is, is it at the point where it's even close to being questioned or not? Look, I think even if you, he's not a lock, I think there's obviously enough to move forward with him. I just don't think there is a I love Bryce young, I take price young over him, but I probably wouldn't take what is over him just because levis is such a question mark. And there's just no one else he'd really put in that conversation. So you sit there, you know, the move is probably you start to reload the entire thing, hopefully someone comes up and wants lettuce or something like that, and then you restock, well, basically the entire roster outside of the quarterback at this point. But, you know, it's a good spot for them to be in. I think it's a trade noun spot for them. And you go from there. Cardinals, falcons. Yeah, this is it. It was so bad. A Desmond Ritter. What else do you want? I just, I appreciated that young hoi coup, he had the game winning kick. It was like a 20 yard field goal or whatever it was to win it 20 to 19 as time expired. And it was just the most muted like he kicked it through and kind of like got a high 5. It just looked like a PAT. Was the reaction to it. There is no big celebration afterwards, but it doesn't Ritter gets a win here, and the falcons move to 6 and ten. They don't really, I was gonna say like, oh, they moved to 6 and 9 and avoid no, they already have ten losses here. So nobody, nobody won in this game. I finally figured out who the falcons head coach looks like. Do you want to follow me here on this? Yes. He looks like what Andy from Toy Story would grow up to be as a person. All right. That's pretty good. It's got a very Andy from Toy Story face. Yeah. But yeah, this game was just unwatchable. And you saw the extra points in the field goals during this one and it was just like half a dozen people just sitting there like it was, I can't say TCU, it's probably like, I don't know, what are bad college football teams now? I've logged off college football. College football teams. Like a Rutgers Maryland type of game. Yeah. Oh, poor rice. Piscataway in November. Oh, yeah. Yeah, this was, this was bad, but glad everybody's glad that game's over. This game was awful and unwatchable, but the good thing is, is that it's not still happening. Drake London's good though. Yeah, I don't know. They got maybe something cooking in Atlanta if they find a quarterback. I don't know if Desmond river is the guy or not, but boy.

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