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L dot com. I'm Marco werman. And you're with the world where a co production of the BBC World Service PRI and w h here in Boston. He's an ambassador without an embassy Venezuelan diplomat Carlos Vecchio, vacuous part of the diplomatic corps, representing one Guido the self-declared interim president of Venezuela. This is not an easy gig for Mr. Vecchio Venezuela's. Embattled President Nicolas Maduro closed down his country's Washington embassy in January. So Vecchio is working in borrowed office space while he waits to get the keys to the embassy. He told me he's trying to get control of other Venezuelan assets for Guido's administration. I asked him for some examples Bank accounts, we need to protect that gold reserves. We need to protect that also public companies or corporations such as citgo we need to protect that as well. So that's what we are doing. And what is your concern that the Maduro regime might? Just try and plunder all that before. They get pushed out of power. Yes. Absolutely. I mean, they have this droid all what we have is any of that legal though. Because I mean as much as you want to recognize one Guido is the president you're in a constitutional crisis two people arguing that they're in power. So I mean right now is it legal? And does it make sense to be doing this preemptive grab of Venezuela's assets? We have assets that belonged to the Republic, I represent the Republican working on that are not also we have probably entities which are on their legal structures that we need to comply with certain regulations in each country on we need to do that. So we are needed government. We need to take on troll. Or does it to preserve them for direct instruction Venezuelan to help them and William equal to stop, you know, our suffering. Yeah. There is enormous suspicion of the corruption around nNcholas Maduro, especially among the military leaders one Guido, however, his offered those leaders amnesty. Do they deserve amnesty that amnesty law does not include crime against humanity? I'm people who have killed, you know, the Venezuelans on the street in the recent protests and demonstrations, okay, and we are just giving this to the officers who will help us to restore democracy, while we Wendy's to you know, to push harder in order to facilitate moose turns kitchen in Venezuela. Mr. Vecchio, you're also bringing your own sort of pressure by attending President Trump state of the union address tonight as a guest Senator Marco Rubio, what are you hoping to hear from Trump in particular when it comes to the possibility of US military intervention, are you hoping to hear Trump present that as a viable option for me? It's an honor being there, a recognition of the coach of our people who have been fighting in minutes to recover, our democracy, and I'm expecting that he will ratify why he cops said publicly he is tense with the Venezuelan people in order to recover our democracy on this is not a fight between the United States over. Jim. This is a fight between the free world under dictatorship of Louisville which is. Controlled by what about military intervention, though, because that has been raised as a possibility that the US might send troops. Would you want to hear that would that disappoint you or were you? We haven't discussed that I go weak. Don't get to that point. I hope we can't just resolve this peacefully. There's also the Cuba. Venezuela connection. I want to ask you about mister Vecchio national security adviser John Bolton as you may know has been especially vocal about this. The problem that makes it particularly cute in Venezuela is the control exercised by Cuban security forces. You know, in many respects that actually intimidate the Venezuelan military. It's not an accident that around the hemisphere people now, call the country Cuba's Walea because the Cubans are so much a part of the Maduro regime report suggests that in tonight's address, President Trump is gonna discuss Cuba and suggest the regime in power. There is sort of the power behind president Madero. What about you? Do you? See the same connection. Cuba is in Venezuela. Cuba. Is taking the season in Minnesota jointly with my Ludo, and we need to liberate Venezuela normally from the chief of motorboat, but also from the Cuban regime. I mean, no doubt that Cubans are in Venezuela and supporting my d'oro, but I mean hasn't been corruption and mismanagement at the center of Venezuela's crisis is pointing the finger at Cuba, really missing the point. I think we'll be both. I mean at the end of the day, the people are with us. And also we want that the military force will back the new president of Venezuela. The interim president of Venezuela. I'm curious Carlos Vecchio. Do you have friends or relatives who support Madero I had just few? But I used to have many family members, you know, close to they can be smoking put in some way, but not anymore when you have conversations with them. I mean, how do those conversations go? I mean, how do they get? Or are you able to reason with one another just I want to keep their relationship with them? We don't discuss about politics. Okay. And I think they realized that the situation cannot continue CDs Suelas twenty three days before nobody knew network onto who west white though. And now, he's the most popular person immense. Raila Carlos Vecchio Venezuela's new ambassador to the United States speaking with us from Washington. Thank you very much. Thank you..

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